Spartan Psyche

Spartan Psyche



“I do not fear an army of lions led by a sheep, I do fear an army of sheep led by a lion.” - Alexander The Great In 2 mins I'll help you fight through any fear and become an absolute predator :

A predator mindset follows a pattern of thought and action that is encoded in instinct. Humans by nature are predators, even if most fail to realize it. Our instinct has been subdued through social re-engineering.

“Sixth sense” - the tingle that runs up our spine which kept our ancestors alive has been mellowed. ➼ Lack of adversity ➼ Affluence ➼ Lethargy ➼ Over indulgence ➼ Extreme stimulation Main causes for weakness.

To succeed in life, you must have a predator mindset. You must know how to focus on the right things. Prey - Concerned with things outside of it's control. Predator - keeps the focus on itself, the things it can control, and the task at hand. It's hunt or be hunted.

1) Narrow Your Vision Focus on the objective. The world is set up for you to fail. There are distractions at every corner. Falling into this trap is easy. Technology is a perpetual distraction machine. Infinite loop of clicks and dopamine hits. Be firm with what you want.

2) Improve your position at all times We live a constantly changing environment. The tools of failure are ever evolving. Mobile apps to keep you hooked Porn to emasculate you Materialistic toys to drain you You need to identify these traps Solidify your position to fight.

3) Control variables ‣ Effort - Prey takes shortcuts. Tries to barely get by. Predators give maximum effort. ‣ Attitude: Prey makes excuses. Predator fight to dominate. ‣ Aggressiveness: Prey are cautious. Predators go for the kill. Control all 3 variables.

4) Instinct Development How do you build instincts? There is no simple answer. It takes repetitive encounters to build situational instinct. Putting yourself in a predator situation helps you to build those instincts. More you hunt, better you get.

5) Execution You can do your homework, Have the mentality and mindset, Work towards building your instincts, But if you don’t execute in the moment, none of that matters. Hesitation is a thief of glory. Predators don’t hesitate. They can’t afford to or they won’t live.

Society says be polite, don’t worry about it, or, if it happens, it happens. This social rewiring suppresses those instinctive weapons that were designed to keep us safe. We choose our destiny, Prey or Predator. Awaken your natural instincts Get what you want from life.

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