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fake dating // sakuatsu kiyoomi, who is so damn tired of his family pestering him to get a boyfriend, showed them a pic of a random dude he saw on the internet and by some sort of miracle, they believed him. 2 weeks later, he got a text from someone named atsumu.

“hey omi-omi ;) this is atsumu btw” the name doesnt ring a bell. kiyoomi mentally went through the list of people he knows— there’s akimitsu from bio 2 and atsuji from itachiyama but that’s it “who are you” He texted back the reply came in a second, “your boyfriend apparently”

before kiyoomi could reply that he doesnt have a boyfriend, another text came in “or at least, that’s what your ma said when we met at the dairy aisle at the mart” followed by another “didn’t know we’re /that/ serious already babe 😳” and another “We’re invited to dinner btw”

this atsumu guy must be on crack — that’s the only logical explanation for it because kiyoomi refuses to believe otherwise. kiyoomi is also losing his goddamn mind. so he does a really dumb move — he facetimes the guy. apple id sure does wonders. a smiling blond comes into view

oh. /oh/ he’s that guy — he really is /that/ guy, the one he introduced to his family as his boyfriend. kiyoomi, to put it simply, is fucked.

found this in my drafts lol

this is open to those who wants it to be commissioned. just dm me

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