Questions to ask Management... Shining maarne ka time! Kon hai sabse bada didh shaahna... 🫵🫵🫵 or Management?

How has the company’s performance this quarter contributed toward progress on long-term strategic goals? Where are you seeing the most potential opportunity for long-term growth?

How are you planning to address risks associated with executing the company’s long-term strategy? Describe your approach to capital allocation decisions including major uses + sources of cash over the next 3-5 years + explain how actions taken this qrtr have contributed to that?

What are the ROCs across different business verticals and cash conversion cycle? Are there any synergistic opportunities that you would like to exploit in these times both in organic and inorganic terms to further scale up the cashflow elements?

Any specific competitive advantages which you would like to share with us where the company is at forefront or the management intends to establish? Could you throw some light on your distribution strength how is that working out?

How do you differentiate yourself as a manufacturer/service provider amongst your peers? Where does your forte lie? What kind of strategies you have in place to combat with price war/inflation/guard your cash flow position?

The company has a bit high debt relative to assets and operating cycle looks tight, do you think you will be to maintain Margins well enough without being affected by the competition and other external factors like inflation?

Questions on Capital allocation or on how the management has sourced the funds where they intend to deploy helps! Relating to Working Capital Cycle and Costs also helps Where else they could have deployed the retained earnings looking at the growth or debt position!

Who they see as closest competitor? If named, further ask on how they wish to chase the market given their Capital/Asset Base and Cost Structure vis a vis that competitor! Asking on their past strategies and how it has added to cash flows + asking on anything they failed at!

Question can be asked about Board Structure! On Promotions looking at the morale of the employees and growth scenario! Gender Equality how the company has been embracing it!

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