Eyisha | Social Media Manager & Designer

Eyisha | Social Media Manager & Designer



6 Surprising Social Media Tips That Really Work For Businesses (PART 1)

1. Interact With Your Followers It may seem obvious, but many businesses focus only on promoting their products or services, sharing content, and forgetting to interact with their followers.

Interacting with your followers will help increase engagement & help you to build stronger relationships with your customers & target audience. โž˜ One of the coolest parts of social media is that it allows you to speak directly to your target audience, so take advantage of it.

2. Pay Attention To What Your Audience Wants Creating visually aesthetic posts/content with strong text overlay headlines and calls to action is the best way to generate traffic.

4. Choose The Right Channel One surprising social media tip is to stick to the best platform. While having Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages may seem beneficial, odds are that only some of these platforms give businesses the same amount of sales.

5. Cross-Promote Your Social Profiles Promoting social media is just as important as creating valuable content and posting regularly. โž˜ Algorithms change too often, so you cannot rely on peopleโ€™s feeds. You must promote your social media channels.

7. 'Spy' On Your Competitors Social media is a great way to keep an eye on your competitors. You can see what is working or not working for them, how they interact with their customers, & what trends they create and follow.

While you don't want to copy them under any circumstances, it helps to see what the other team is sometimes doing. Specifically, I will often conduct a competitor analysis to learn from my competitor's successes and failures.

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