Let me show you some thing based on which we could have caught this upmove. Bhai EOD analysis to karna hoga, else nai hoga. As per ydy EOD data analysis, following were the support and resistance S1 - 38100 S2 - 37800 R1 - 38500 R2 - 38700

These levels I derive daily based on some data crunching and calculations. Today BNF opened gap down of 300 points but 38100 zone was holding forte. See the 1m chart below . At 9.19 AM BNF crossed VWAP of 38094, so it was giving a concrete evidence that 38100 support is

holding forte. Now if u are a intraday player, then always remember , VWAP IS YOUR go to indicator for any trade.

See this 38500 PE , its deep deep ITM at first tick and even that is not getting unwounded infact some writing started in it from morning. While in 37500CE there is no writing, infact tendence to cover. These are enough indicators along with DATA/Price Action to understand whats

going on. Learn from the post or troll me, choice is yours............Yes i was heavy short and booked at best price. My R1/R2 are 38500/38700, till now BNF made a high of 38610 and CMP at 38502..........

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