#miyacest I’m thinking dainty and lean omega Atsu who cums the hardest when he’s fucking his tall and beefy twin Osamu. He’s rolling his hips into Samu’s ass, his itty bitty cock too pathetic to really pull out, so all he can do is grind. Osamu would laugh at the situation as a

whole if his omega wasn’t moaning and whining ‘/alpha/‘ in such a fucked out haze. He’s almost bored with the cock that can’t push a measly inch past his hole, but he’s a good boyfriend. He spreads his thick thighs and wraps his hand around Atsu’s neck, whispering dirty praises

along his skin. It takes one last ‘that’s right, baby girl. cum for alpha’ before Atsu’s squirting down his and Samu’s thighs and shooting a weak string of cum into his boyfriend with a scream, muffling his sounds into his alpha’s neck. Such a cute picture

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