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#sakuatsu NSFW-ish Kiyoomi has never seen Atsumu during the off-season before, and he's pretty sure he'll simply pass away before he makes it to their next game. During the season, Atsumu is trim and cut, comprised of so little body fat that every cord of muscle is visible. +

During the off-season, though, Atsumu relaxes his stringent cardio routine and picks up more strength training. "I'm bulkin' up, Omi-omi!" He says when Kiyoomi sees him at the gym, squatting significantly more than he had just a month ago. +

And 'bulking up' he certainly is; he's always had a nice ass and thick thighs, but they are /straining/ his workout shorts now. His cheeks fucking jiggle while he does his reps, and Kiyoomi's eyes are positively glued. His mouth goes dry, and he forces himself to turn away. +

Atsumu is an attractive guy, and sure - there's palpable tension between them in their shared hotel rooms. Maybe Kiyoomi has errant thoughts about holding his hand, and yeah, he thinks about watching him smile over a shared plate at dinner, but - This is new. +

This primal, /raging/ lust. It rushes so turbulently in his veins and makes Kiyoomi fear briefly that he's going to pass the fuck out, right here in the gym surrounded by his teammates. If he were to fall, Atsumu would surely rush over and cradle him in his bouncing pecs. +

He would lift Kiyoomi with his delicious thighs, rest his juicy ass on his own heels while he examines Kiyoomi thoroughly. How thoroughly? Well - "Omi? Ya listenin'?" Atsumu calls. Kiyoomi absolutely was not. "No," he says as the tips of his ears heat up. +

Atsumu whines, but Kiyoomi does not turn around to see him - can't risk it. "Rude! I was askin' if ya wanted to get a bite ta eat after." "Oh, sure," Kiyoomi's treasonous mouth says, because the animal part of his brain needs to see more of this Atsumu. +

He's definitely thinking about a dinner table, but he's less thinking about what to eat on it and more thinking about throwing Atsumu over it, pressing his chest into the wood and - "Really? Hell yeah! I hate eatin' alone," Atsumu says. Kiyoomi hums and says, "I'm aware." +

His original intention had been to do some weightlifting of his own, but his focus cannot be trusted today. He doesn't want to drop a weight on his foot because of Atsumu's effort noises. He goes to the rowing machine, preparing himself for the familiar exercise. +

As Kiyoomi gets ready to start, Atsumu grunts loudly with a particular rep. It's gravelly and guttural, and Kiyoomi's mind is back to the dinner table. Atsumu's beyond words, only able to make noises, and Kiyoomi threads his fingers through Atsumu's hair as he- "Yer a dick."

"I'm literally getting dinner with your lonely ass tonight, so maybe don't bite the hand that feeds." Atsumu could bite Kiyoomi's hand, arms, shoulders, throat - if he wanted to. Kiyoomi would bet a lot of money that Atsumu is a biter and a sloppy kisser. +

Between sets, Kiyoomi makes the terrible mistake of looking at Atsumu again. He is mid-squat, face flushed and pinched with effort. Kiyoomi can think of a couple of ways to recreate that color - Atsumu groans as he drops the weights, and Kiyoomi snaps his gaze back forward. +

It's going to be a long off-season.

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