#miyacestober2022 day 18 • fluids , implied underage (atsuosa) // after a long day at training camp, the inarizaki boy's volleyball team wanted to have some fun. it was something suna had seen online—you fill your mouths with milk and try to make each other laugh. +

the first one to spit the fluid out loses. it had taken some convincing, 'it's a team bonding exercise, captain,' but eventually everyone was on board. well, everyone except osamu. he pulled the short straw today, and so he had to clean up and was consequently +

the last one to go to the baths. the boys filled their mouths with milk, and earnestly began trying to make each other laugh. suna of course had his phone out, and was recording everything. gin was the first to go. all it had taken was a taunt, someone mocking +

a mistake he made earlier in the day. "so that's how it'd gonna be, huh?" he said after wiping his mouth clean. he tried for a while to make the others spit their milk out, teasing them, taunting them, reading out jokes he found online, but no one was cracking. +

then, he had an idea. surely this was to get someone at least. he sat back and closed his eyes, breathing out a sigh. then he moved his hand down so it hovered over his crotch, and pretended to jerk himself off. he faked a moan, and surely enough, +

the sound of liquid spurting from someone's mouth reached his ears. gin opened his eyes with a grin, happy at his victory, before grimacing at the mess their first year heisuke had made. there was milk /dripping from his nostrils!/ +

and then /that/ got others going too—suna, who couldn't hold his laughter and spat all over his phone, and ren, if only to go back sure heisuke was okay. heisuke had to reassure his seniors multiple times that he was okay, still red-faced and clearly embarrassed, +

before the game continued. the rest were a hard bunch to crack, but eventually they fell one by one. yuuto was tricked into /swallowing/ the milk, and aran was tickled until he broke, which he argued was completely unfair. +

soon, only kita and atsumu remained. how atsumu made it to the end, no one knew. but he sat stoically, staring ahead, ignore everyone's attempts to make him laugh. then, osamu entered the room, still drying his hair with a towel. he looked at the scene before him, +

at the milk spilt all over the floor and all over his teammates' clothes, and said, "glad i wasn't here for this." "osamu!" gin greeted. he cocked his head towards atsumu and said, "ya gotta make him spit out his milk." "i... am not even gonna ask what that means." +

atsumu, meanwhile, was shaking his head, eyes gone wide. he was complaining about something, surely, but it was impossible to decipher. osamu walked over to him anyway, still not understanding what the game is, but never wanting to pass down a chance to +

torment his brother. "wait wait wait," suna said, wiping his phone before pointing the camera towards atsumu. "okay, now you can go." osamu rolled his eyes before leaning in close to his twin's ear. everyone's eyes were on him, +

including their captain—which, it was funny to see him look so serious with a mouth full of milk. osamu dropped his voice to a husky whisper and told atsumu, "ya wanna know why i took so long, tsumu? i prepared myself for ya. touched myself in the water wishing it was /you/." +

atsumu squirmed, but showed no signs of cracking. "i'm so /loose/ for ya right now, tsumu," osamu moaned, careful not to let his teammates know what he was doing. "i walked around after, trynna find a room where we can /fuck/ later." +

atsumu crossed one leg over the other and covered his lap with his hands, conspicuously enough, but osamu knew it meant he was close. "or..." he said, glancing at his teammates, their curiosity visible on their faces. "maybe you could take me right here, +

right in fronta everyone. would ya like that, nii-chan? would ya wanna show yer term just how well ya fuck yer little brother?" and that was the final straw. atsumu spat absolutely /everywhere/, getting milk and spit all over the other volleyball members. +

they backed away in disgust, groaning and ew-ing, but then they started laughing at the state of atsumu, milk dribbling from everywhere, choking and red-faced. it was even better than heisuke, and that had been /good/. +

atsumu kept his head down, which conveniently hid his hard-on. osamu laid a hand on the back of his neck—what may appear to be a comforting gesture to others, but was just a tease to atsumu. "congrats, cap'n," osamu said. he still had no clue what this competition was. +

kita gracefully drank his milk and stood up. he looked around at the mess and began, "alright, let's—" but osamu cut him off. "no need, kita-san. tsumu made most of this mess, it's only right he clear it up." when atsumu turned his head to glare at osamu, +

osamu smirked. he then continued, "i'll help him clean, so it's okay. you guys might wanna go get changed." the team had no complaints at that, quickly clearing out after making sure osamu was happy to stay behind and clean everything up. +

'of course,' he told everyone. 'i'll have tsumu to help, anyway.' speaking of his brother... atsumu only looked up once everyone had for sure left the vicinity and osamu closed the door behind them. "the fuck was that?!" he asked angrily. +

osamu shrugged. "i dunno, you tell me. i just did what i was told." "not /that/, the—" "yeah?" osamu walked back up to atsumu, pushing him back down onto the chair and straddling his hips. "the part where i prepared myself for ya? where i was /loose/ for ya?" +

"i mean— yeah. ya can't just say that shit, make shit up, just to—" osamu swung his arms around atsumu's neck and pulled him close. he whispered into his ear, "who said i was lyin'?" he ground their hips together, then look one of atsumu's hands and +

slotted it into his shorts. "why don'tcha find out for yerself?" he taunted. by the end of it all, the twins had more to clean up than just spilt milk, but neither of them had a single complaint.

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