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I paid $75,000 for this lesson, but you’re getting it FREE. THREAD: A tactical approach for turning losses into wins.

Whether business, life, or sports owning a method for handling losses is required as they’re inevitable. Every loss is an inflection point - good or bad, is determined by the strategy. With process, I turned a big L into a W, and created a recipe I’ll use for life.

So, how did I earn this $75K Lesson? At 23, my 2nd year in business, a banker on his way out, enrolled us in an "Express Lending Program" Fancy talk for 9% interest rate for a barely-bankable company.

Ambitious, young, and inexperienced is a dangerous combination. Viewing the loan as growth capital, I pitched my partners on hiring an agency to run ads. In storage, ads are expensive, sometimes $20/ click. Strategy lacking, it wasn’t long before the $75K was gone.

After personally guaranteeing the loan and driving my company to near extinction - I had a choice: 1. Bankruptcy & back to the cube 2. Learn a skill & climb out So, I learned to turn Ls into Ws..

Here's the process: Step 1: Avoid compounding Step 2: Identify & learn skills Step 3: Disassociate from Identity Let’s break it down…

Avoid Compounding: Post mistake, focus attention to understanding the root cause - usually an emphasis on outcome > process is the culprit. A humbling, but necessary first step to correct course.

Identify & Learn Skills: Bad situations are a function of lacking - either skillset or knowledge. What skills would have prevented this situation? Once identified, start learning and APPLYING new skills immediately.

Dissociate from Identity: The ego is fragile - one loss can prevent future success if not dealt with appropriately. View it as a standalone event - and promise to be more methodical in the future. Then move on.

So, how did this become a big win? After going through this process I realized what I was lacking: Digital marketing skillet set that creates long term asset value. I identified SEO. Within 4-months of applying new skills, customers started rolling in.

We’ve since grown to millions in revenue without paid ads! Better yet, I decided to sell my newfound knowledge to others. I created Bright Line Media, my SEO company, changing my life and giving my family financial freedom.

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