11 ways you can Demonstrate High Value (DHV) during your approaches. ~ Thread ~

Many men give up approaching women because they mistakenly believe they can't attract those women. This only happens because you don't know what women actually find valuable. Here's 11 things you can do to be more valuable on your approaches and in the Sexual Marketplace period

1. Show off your body This means to wear clothes that fit you and show your body off. It doesn't mean to walk around half naked. Even men who are overweight are more attractive to women when they wear clothes that fit.

2. DO work out regularly and get fit A sloppy body shows a lazy man. A fit body shows a disciplined man. A body in the process shows a man building his potential. Always be building your potential.

3. Smile more A smile is pleasant and inviting. Plus, when somebody likes you, they will mirror you unconsciously. If you're smiling and she's smiling, it's probably attraction.

4. Chin up, legs spread, arms at your side This is the most attractive way to stand during your approaches. Practice this around everybody and remember to keep your back straight.

5. Compliment something subtle Notice something she's wearing that seems obscure. Maybe it's the color of her necklace or a rock on it. Maybe it's the way her eye shadow compliments her eyes. If you must compliment her, make it subtle. She'll love it.

6. Short, witty responses Women care more about the fun of the conversation than they care about the context. When she asks you boring questions, give her exciting answers. Always use this as an opportunity to flirt.

7. Flirt without being too sexual You can give sexual undertones to what you say without actually talking about sex. Add sexual gestures to what you say through facial expressions. A sly smirk here, an eyebrow raise there - you get the idea.

8. Turn non-sexual things sexual You can be completely random with this and women will think you're clever just because you know how metaphors work. Saying something stupid like: "That building looks super clean. It better wear a condom if it rains," Can go a long way.

9. Verbalize Attraction You don't want to be a simp about it. Just say something quick about how you like her and smile confidently. Even if she isn't attracted, she will respect your boldness and this might actually enhance attraction.

10. Learn to tell when she isn't interested You'll want to get good at identifying rejection. Also get good at identifying shit tests. If it doesn't feel right? She's just not interested. Move on.

11. Leave her better than you found her Even if she rejected you, don't let it get under your skin. Find some way to keep it fun and happy, even if it's with just a smile and a "No problem, take it easy." This is Inner Game you need to Master.

I could write a whole entire book on ways to DHV and build value for your approaches. If you'd read that let me know. But these are some of the most important ways to DHV during an approach in my opinion.

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