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If you want to replace your 9-5 job making videos on YouTube, open this… - Thread -

The average worker in the United States makes $50,000 a year Likely doing a job they hate for 8 or more hours a day… A YouTube channel can easily replace this income with ¼ of the work Here’s a case study of a channel you can copy to pull this off…

Today’s channel example is Hungry Passport The channel makes videos about the best places to visit It generates roughly 1 million views a month and makes well over $10,000 Here are the 5 steps you can take to replicate their success:

1. Generate video ideas To scale up your views quick, model what works Identify travel channels and see which cities generate the most views Enter “best places to visit” in the YouTube search bar Write down the top results for your content plan

2. Create script Second, identify what tips you’ll share in your videos You can find this information on other travel websites online Then, add your own spin on it and create a 2,000 script This will result in a video that’s roughly 10 minutes long…

3. Identify footage sources To make travel videos, you can get clips from: - Storyblocks ($20/mo) - Pexels (Free) - Pixabay (Free) You can also use footage from YouTube (if you turn it into original content)

4. Produce video To make these videos: 1. Voiceover script 2. Add footage to voiceover You can do this yourself or… You can hire people on Fiverr or Upwork for less than $50

5. Monetize The travel niche has a CPM of around $25 dollars This means that you would earn $15 yourself (RPM) With 100,000 views a month you’re making $1,500 But we can 5-10X that by doing this…

Monetize with: 1. Video sponsorships 2. Affiliate links Promotions: 8 videos per month x $1,000 per video = $8,000 Affiliates: 100,000 views x 0.5% conversion x $30 commission = $15,000 All while you pay $20/month to make videos…

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