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Types Of Women You Should never Date A thread

1). Desperate: These ones spent half of their lives playing with different guys, hurting their feelings, and flexing life then realize she's not getting any younger...

hard-pressed by time they're ready to marry any guy as long as he accepts her. Watch out for this type of women.. you’ll find out she has dated half of the guys in your neighborhood and you're the one getting the last dance.

2) Money famished: doesn't matter how rich you are, you can never satisfy her hunger for money! She feels a man should meet all her needs and her family’s simply because she’s female. This type is interested in only what she wants nothing else not even your feelings..

stay away from this type of women because she won’t think twice about dumping you after sucking you dry or at the first sign of a financial drop.

3). Proud Rich women: They're filthy rich,clearly a class ahead. Well,that wouldn’t be an issue, but when she tries so hard to make you see that she’s better than you, she’s self centered,selfish and makes you feel like by

4). Mysterious: Afraid to start a relationship, she might have been hurt in the past relationship, or she heard people who have been hurt. So she built a fence around herself. Sees everyman as a Heartbreaker, there's no need trying to convince them, JUST RUN!

5). Too Romantic: These ones lives in their own world, manipulated by movies and novels. very dreamy, expecting prince charming to come after her. believes whatever they reads; they doesn’t know how the real world is can never impress them!

6). Controlling & manipulative: They like to have total control of the relationship and on you too, want to control everything you do, if you try to control them..they will,cry, shout, doubt your love or use any deceptive tactics until you give up..WITCHES😏!Avoid them

7). The Flirts: This type flirts with every man (even your friends & siblings) and flaunts her sexuality at every opportunity, has much attraction powers, the bad news is, you stand a big risk of being dumped when someone better comes along..

As a man trying to settle down and build a good home please avoid these & your future kids deserves better.

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