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95% of people have 0 work ethic. Here's how to develop an insane work ethic that will 10x your income.

1. Discipline > motivation Discipline is doing what you need to do, no matter what! There are no shortcuts that beat daily action. Show up every day regardless of how they feel. Your efforts will pay off before you know it.

2. Have a plan Use your morning to set intentions for the day. Write down: • Your goals • Your most important tasks • How these tasks will benefit you • The time it takes to complete them 15 minutes of planning saves you 20 hours of work per week.

3. Prioritize Find out which tasks move the needle and make them your # 1 priority. Cut the unnecessary work with: • Delegation • Automation Direct your focus only to what is most essential. Bonus if you also enjoy doing them.

4. Adopt a "do it now" mentality. There is always something you can do RIGHT NOW that will bring you closer to accomplishing your goal. Avoid the regret of waiting for an imaginary "tomorrow." Tomorrow never comes.

5. Manage distractions Manage distractions by dealing with them before you begin your work. • Turn your phone off • Tell your family not to disturb you • Wear noise-canceling headphones Achieve focus by eliminating distractions.

6. Surround yourself with successful people Surround yourself with people who motivate you to become better. You can find these people by: • Joining a gym • Going to a library • Attending seminars • Joining online communities You can't lose with winners in your circle.

7. Voluntarily do "hard" things Friendly reminder: Anything worth doing will be hard. • The gym is hard • Making a sales call is hard • Building a business is hard • Keeping cool during market volatility is hard Lean into discomfort, knowing your competitors will quit.

8. Seek improvement, not perfection Perfection is a socially acceptable form of procrastination. Take the shot. Make the move. Failure and setbacks are inevitable. That's good! Cause you can always fail forward.

9. Live a healthy lifestyle Effective entrepreneurs prioritize: • Getting early morning sunlight • Sleeping 8+ hours • Eating healthy • Reading daily • Working out A high-quality lifestyle achieves high-quality results.

10. Avoid Burnout If pushing past your limits leads to high ROI, then do it. If pushing past your limits leads to low ROI, then take a break. Burnout bottlenecks your output. It's never worth a short term win.

How to 10x your income by developing an insane work ethic Recap: 1. Stay consistent 2. Plan 3. Prioritize 4. Take immediate action 5. Manage distractions 6. Hang out with successful people 7. Get uncomfortable 8. Seek improvement 9. Live a healthy lifestyle 10. Avoid burnout

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