Castle Riddle - SOLVED (1/23%) This was challenging and is also mind-blowing how perfectly made this Riddle is. I hope you are ready! Share with others! 🔽🔽🔽

Part 1 YELLOW-ORANGE In Roman Empire, orpiments was an important item of trade and was used as a medicine in China although it contains arsenic and is highly toxic. It was also used as a fly poison and to poison arrows. Because of its yellow-orange color, it was also a favourite

with alchemists who were searching for a way to make gold, both in China and in the West. What I get from this is that USD is highly toxic and that it was used to "make gold" or in other words to build and Empire. USD = toxic, used to build an Empire

GREEN Romans used to make Verdigris, which is made of green powder that forms on the metal. It was used by the Romans in the murals of Pompeii, and in Celtic medieval manuscripts as early as the 5th century AD. It produced a blue-green which no other pigment could imitate, but it

had drawbacks: it was unstable, it could not resist dampness, it did not mix well with other colors, it could ruin other colors with which it came into contact, and it was toxic. The most famous statue made of Verdigris is Statue of Liberty! So BTC "was" unstable and didn't not

mix well with other colors like Yellow (USD) and Purple (XRP). It could not resist dampness. Dampness - the fact or state of being slightly wet, especially in a way that is not pleasant or comfortable. Wet - covered or saturated with water or another liquid. Bitcoin is always

struggling to get on the surface, or in other words, will never succeed. BTC = toxic, unstable, isn't sustainable (LIQUID - as someone said in the comments of Pyramid Riddle)

PURPLE Purple has long been associated with royalty, originally because Tyrian purple dye, made from the mucus secretion of a species of snail, was extremely expensive in antiquity. Purple was the color worn by Roman magistrates; it became the imperial color worn by the rulers of

the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, and later by Roman Catholic bishops. According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ, in the hours leading up to his crucifixion, was dressed in purple by the Roman garrison to mock his claim to be 'King of the Jews. The actual color

of Tyrian purple seems to have varied from a reddish to a bluish purple. What seems to have mattered about Tyrian purple was not its color, but its luster, richness, its resistance to weather and light, and its high price. In modern times, Tyrian purple has been recreated, at

great expense. When the German chemist Paul Friedander tried to recreate Tyrian purple (GOLD) in 2008 (when BTC was created), he needed twelve thousand mollusks (12 mol) to create 1.4 ounces of dye, enough to color a handkerchief (small bandage). So, 12 mol creates 1.4 ounces

which is 3.3074. 3/14 or 14th of March till when BTC (bandage) lasted. In the year 2000 (All-Time-High), a gram of Tyrian purple (GOLD) made from ten thousand mollusks [1 mol (10) = 6.02214 x 10(23) = 622/14/123 = 10 or 1/14/123 which is January 2023 (23), but that's not all,

6.02214 = 6/9 which means XRP will be flipped to GOLD], according to the original formula cost two thousand euros (2000€). Well, well, well. What do we have here? So, XRPs (GOLDs) qualities: luster, richness, resistance to weather and light, and high price! Paul Friedander tried

to recreate GOLD in 2008 and he created a small bandage (BTC) till 14th of March. 1 XRP becomes GOLD 14th of January 2023 and makes new All-Time-High. "Let that sink in." E. Musk and then we will continue. BLUE For the Romans, blue was the color of mourning, as well as the color

of barbarians. The King can only mourn if someone close to him, died. WHITE White colors in the ancient Rome represented a symbol of purity and citizenship meaning King is Roman citizen. The International Commission on Illumination defines white as "a color stimulus that an

observer who is adapted to the viewing environment would judge to be perfectly achromatic and to have a luminance factor of unity.

Part 2 FLAGS I already explained the meaning of colors, now let's understand the shapes. We have 2 same shaped flags and 1 different. USD and BTC flags looks tense and have a V cut. We feel tense when we are in anticipation. What could BTC and USD anticipate? Perhaps their end.

V-cut for me represents that they are wounded. XRP flag looks very relaxed. We are relaxed when we don't worry and there is no tension. Perhaps, XRP's future is determined and there's nothing to worry about. XRP has a spear flag pole topper. Spears carry a connotation of bravery

and were also used in ceremonies to be given to the warriors of great courage. This idea is the significance communicated through a spear finial, which gives the flag a strong and bold appearance. XRP was courage and brave because he went into the battles.

Part 3 X - ON THE SHIELD AND FLAG Letter X is 24th letter in Alphabet. This letter X has a letter Y on the top right corner. Y is 25th letter in Alphabet. 24/25 = 114/223 = 1/14/2023 or 14th of January 2023. It is also 2022/2023 or 6/7 or 13.

Part 4 SYMBOLS IMPERIAL EAGLE Photo BG used is specific because it represents Imperial Eagle who is used by the Holy Roman Emperors. Frederick Barbarossa is reported as having displayed an eagle on his banner. Frederick Barbarossa was the Holy Roman Emperor from 1155 until his

death 35 years later. From 1/15/5(23) till his death 3/5(23) years later. Imperial Eagle is under BTC meaning that BTC is Imperial Eagle or Frederick Barbarossa. You make of this want you want but I see this as BTC had a battle since 15th of January 2023 till March 2023, when he

died. This connects with Pyramid Riddle that says that BTC will lose it's reign 14th of January 2023 and XRP will take over on 15th of January 2023. PERSEVERE The law of Perseverance is among the deepest in man: by nature he hates change; seldom will he quit his old house till

it has actually fallen about his ears. The law of Perserverance is connected with Phoenix and because it's under XRP, it means that XRP will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. "Perservere" is under King and there is artist named "King" and he has album "Perseverance" which lasts

1h3min = 63 min, it has 15 songs and is published in 2017=10=1=January. Let's read it this way. 15 songs released in 2017 (January) that lasts 1 hour and 3 min. PERSERVERE is under the XRP meaning XRP will rise 15th of January (14th of January overnight). Album lasts 1h and 3 min

meaning that Phoenix rising ends in March and that we have to Perservere. OUROBOROS The ouroboros or uroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The ouroboros is often interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal or a cycle of life,

death, and rebirth; the snake’s skin-sloughing symbolizes the transmigration of souls. Ouroboros is green color. Romans used green powder to make Verdigris. The German organic chemist August Kekulé described the eureka moment when he realized the structure of benzene, after he

saw a vision of Ouroboros. Structure of Benzene is C6H6. C6 = 39 Which leads us to Pyramid number 1 which eventually leads us to Death of USD and BTC. Go check that Riddle. H6 = 86. On 15 March 1986, the building rapidly collapsed in less than a minute at about 11:25 am,

leaving little time for anyone to make their escape. In the article, 23 number stands out. Why would they put 23 Singaporeans but put ten (10) foreigners. That means official announcment was in year 23. Ouroboros is under USD meaning that death of USD happened 15th of March 2023.

Part 5 CASTLE BLOCKS - SOLVED USD has 3 blocks that are standing on 1 which is standing on 3 that ends the sequence because hand is peaking out through the window. Next sequence go 2 blocks and 3 blocks. We get a number 313/23. 23 represents letters BC so we get a year 313BC.

Year 313 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. At the time, it was known as the Year of the Consulship of Cursor and Brutus (or, less frequently, year 441 Ab urbe condita). The Roman calendar was the calendar used by the Roman kingdom and republic. The term often

includes the Julian calendar established by the reforms of the dictator Julius Caesar and emperor Augustus in the late 1st century BC (1st BC = 123). Gaius Julius Caesar (12 July 100 BC – 15 March 44 BC). Check the year of his birth. 100 BC(23) or 123! His death was 15th of March

44 BC. 44 = 8 which represents end of transitions, 15th of March BC = 15th March 20223(BC). The dictator, Gaius Julius Caesar (USD) will die 15th of March 2023 (BC=23). Gaius Julius Caesar is a dictator and so is USD. USD is dictating the world and economy. Hand that is dictating

the doll represents that. Also, 3/13/23 or 13th of March is when the collapse of Dollar begins. That confirms 2022 calendar in which 13th of March is marked with heart BTC, on the other hand, has a little bit different sequence. It has 4 parts. 1st part (P1) are 3 blocks closest

to the flag. Broken sticks is showing us to separate that part. Part 2 (P2) is showin 5 blocks down to Imperial Eagle. Part 3 (P3) is Imperial eagle that has 1 block on the left side. Part 4 (P4) are blocks connected with the Knight. So we begin from "Perservere" block and come

back all the way to block, next to Imperial Eagle on the right side. Part 4 and Part 3 are connected through Imperial Eagle. Part 3, Part 2 and Part 1 are all lined and they are connected. Part 3 is starting point for both cases. Part 3 (1) / Part 4 (14) gives us the date 1/14 or

14th of January. Part 3 (1) / Part 2 (5) / Part 3 (3) gives us 1/5/3. Broken stick indicates that King has no power anymore or in other words, USD has fallen. USD fall 3/15 or 15th of March. So, we have 1/5/3 -> 15/3. USD and BTC fall down on the same day.

XRP TOWER Bear's hat is blocking 2 squares which means we count them as 1. Also, bottom number 1 is connected with the 6 blocks in front of the King which means we are gonna use them. There is a same sequence repreating. 123 which means 1/23 or January 23. The sequence that is

different is 1/456 = 1/15 (15th of Janaruy). Rememeber. 123 and 321? Let's solve the first part of this with 123 going from LEFT to RIGHT. We get 15th of January (for BTC Tower), 15th of February (for XRP Tower) and 15th of March (for USD tower). When we solved from RIGHT to LEFT

we get 15th of January (USD Tower), 15th of February (XRP Tower) an 15th of March (BTC Tower). BTC Tower - 15th of January and 15th of March, XRP TOwer - we get 14th of February two times, USD Tower we get 15th of March and 15th of January. Becuase 15th of January comes after

15th of March in USD tower it doesn't make logical sense so we can remove this date from USD Tower. MIDDLE OF THE CASTLE King is standing on the middle part of the castle. Blue color represents mourning. King is mourning over someone. Mourning = at a higher level or layer than.

That means that the date of death, King is mourning over, is the middle part of the castle. Middle of the castle has 6 blocks on top, 1 from XRP tower (between block number 3 and 4), 1 in the middle and 9 on the bottom. We have following numbers: 6 1 1 9. "Perservere" separates

6, 1 and 1 from 9 which means we have 6+1+1/9. First round of blocks is number 6, last round of blocks is 9. 69. As above, so below. 611/9 = 9/116 and we get the date 8th of September. King is wearing blue color because he is mourning the death of the Queen that happened on 8th

of September. Door has 50 blocks with 40 circles and 40 dots. 50 + 40 + 40 = 130. Door could have been made with less blocks meaning that 130 is very specific. We have phases 5, 8 and 9. Phase 5 begun with Queens death on 8th of September. Phase 9 is completion and completion

is when USD collapse which is 15th of March 2023. To find the beginning of phase 8, we substract 130 days from 15th of March 2023. We get the result 5th of November. Between Queens death (8th of September) and Beginning of Phase 8 (5th of November), there is 58 days. So, between

phase 5 and phase 8, there is 58 days. Phase 5 happened on the 8th day in the month and phase 8 happened on the 5th day of the month. 58 days is 15.89% of 365 days. 1/589 or beginning of 589. "Remember remember the 5th of November." Also, 130 days from Queens death is 16th of

January or 1st day after XRPs first pump.

Part 6 KING For King, we know that Blue means that he is mourning the death of Queen. Broken sticks and white color means that he is "innocent" and has no power anymore which means he is regular Roman citizen, not a King. His crown has 5 circles. His stick has number 8.

Also, First part of the Castle under him has number 8. Second part of the Castle under him is number 9. So, we have 589. Number 5 represents death of the Queen (Prince becoming a King, 8th of September). We have number 8 twice. 1st time on the sticks that points BTCs collapse and

2nd time with the blocks that ends with USDs collapse. That means that in Phase 8 we are gonna see collapse on BTC and USD. 8 also represents transition of power (beggining 5th of November and ending 15th of March with USDs and BTCs collapse) 9 represents completion.

Also, 5+8 = 13, 5+8+9 = 22. 13/22 is the date when XRP pump 1st time. 1322 is January in Gematria. King is looking at Bears hand and is holding it exactly as the Bear, which means that he is now listening to the Bear.

Part 7 KNIGHT For knight, I don't see much besides that he is giving us the date 14th of January. He is connected with middle part (XRP) and BTC tower. His shield has a color of blood and because he has a same XY sybmol like XRP has on his flag, means that he was in battle.

He is telling a story of a battle that took place 14th of January between BTC and XRP meaning that 14th of January BTC collapsed and XRP pumped (overnight to 15th of January).

Part 8 BEAR Bears teeths are very interesting. When we count them from left to right, they represents days and when we count them from right to left, they represents year. Also, when we go from left to right, top teeths only have 1 meaning while bottom have 2. And when we go

from right to left, top teeths has 2 meanings and bottom have 1. Let me explain. LEFT - RIGHT TOP = Teeth 10 out of 12 but we don't use 12, only then. BOTTOM = Teeth 4 out of 5 and we use both, 4 and 5. SOLUTION 10+4 and 10+15. Day 14th and 15th. Bear is covering his bottom

teeths with 1 finger which represents January. 14th of January and 15th of January. RIGHT - LEFT TOP = 3rd teeth out of 12 (months). BOTTOM = 2 out of 5 First meaning is 3rd month or March. Second meaning is 32 or 23 = 2023 So, combining LEFT - RIGHT and RIGHT - LEFT

we have this: 1. 14th of January and 15th of January 2. 3rd month March 3. 2023 So, 14th-15th of January 2023, King is trapped and we proceed to March 2023, when USD collapses. MASK The type of mask, bear has, are usually worn at Masquerade ball. One type of Mask is called

Navajo. The Navajo Livestock Reduction was imposed upon the Navajo Nation by the federal government starting in the 1933 (1+9+3+3 = 7 = 2023), during the Great Depression. I won't type in the rest, but I will type in my take on what I just read. So, mask represents Great

Depression in which things will be reorganised and they will introduce Reduction Program (like for C-19) to transition people to dependance on goverment (UBI). In order to get UBI, you have to have Digital Identity. At first, it was voluntary, but it became mandatory 2 years

after, in 1935 = 19/35 = 10/8 = 1/2024. So, red color represents great depression. JESTER Russel Erwood, known as Erwyd le Fol, is the 2nd official resident jester of Conwy in North Wales replacing the jester of 1295. The region-wide "North Wales edition" of the Daily Post,

based at Bryn Eirias on Colwyn Bay's Abergele Road, is distributed from Monday to Saturday, whilst The Leader (formerly the Evening Leader) publishes two editions for Wrexham and Flintshire and is based at the headquarters of Newsquest in Mold after NWN Media Ltd dissolved after

existing since 1920. By the beginning of the 17th (1/2023) century, the population was rising with the development of the coal industry near the town. In 1833, (183 + 3 = 12 + 3 = 123 = 1/23) workmen digging a Bronze Age mound (mining BTC) at Bryn yr Ellyllon

(Fairies' or Goblins' Hill) found a unique golden cape (XRP) dating from 1900 to 1600 BCE. (19 = 1, 16BC / E, 16BC = 12, E=5=23 -> between 1-12/23) It weighs 560 grams (20 oz, oz = Ancient Roman unit of measurement, read Dollar as America is Roman Empire), and was made from a

single gold ingot (1 XRP) about the size of a golf ball. It was broken when found and the fragments (units) shared among the workmen, with the largest piece for Mr Langford (Ripple - Escrow), tenant of the field in which the mound stood. The find was recorded by the Vicar of Mold

and came to the notice of the British Museum (London). In 1836 (1/836, 1/17, 17th of January) Langford (Ripple) sold his piece (Escrow) to the Museum (London), which has since acquired most of the pieces, though it is said that some wives of the workmen sported new jewellery

after the find. (fragments/units were valuable) The restored cape now belongs to the British Museum. Mold hosted the National Eisteddfod (N, E -> National Emergnecy) in 1923 (1/23), 1991 (1/19) and 2007 (1/17). There was an unofficial National Eisteddfod (National Emergency)

event in 1873 (1/15/3 -> 15th of January and 15th of March 2023). British Rail closed when Croes Newydd at Wrexham was opened (1902 = 1/2 = January and February), as did the station in 1962 (1/15/2 --> 15th of January and 15th of February) in the Beeching cuts, though the track

survived until the mid-1980s to serve the Synthite chemical works. I read above text like this. By the beginning of January 2023, the population was rising with the development of the tech industry. In 1/23 or January 2023, wrokmen (average people), mining old tech BTC found XRP

dating 1-12/23 or from January to December 2023. 1 XRP was worth 20$. When found, people couldn't afford much of it like before the pump in January 23 and the Largest piece went to Ripple's Escrow. UK noticed the Escrow and 17th of January, Ripple sold Escrow to UK, which

acquired most of XRP. Average people managed to buy jewellery with the fragments (units) which means it was expensive. Escrow now belongs to UK. Exchanges had National Emergency type of events in 1/23 or January 2023 which occured 17th of January and 19th of January. There were

unofficial (unexepcted) events happening 15th of January and 15th of March 2023. To recap. They will make it like a hunger game. They will lure people to rush and buy and then they are gonna steal it from them in Nation Emergency events (Cyber Attacks).

RECAP COLORS YELLOW - ORANGE USD - used to build an empire, toxic GREEN BTC - unstable, not sustainable BOTH of these colors represent Roman Empire (America) PURPLE Fips XRP into GOLD. 14th of January overnight, XRP will reach new all time high BLUE Represent King mourning the

death of Queen. WHITE King is innocent meaning that he has no power anymore. Check-mate. FLAGS USD and BTC are wounded and tense. They are anticipating "something". XRP battled them and is relaxed cause he knows what's coming.

X Marks the change happening in 2022 and ending in 2023. Also gives 14th of January 2023. SYMBOLS IMPERIAL EAGLE Represents ends of BTC that begins 15th of January 2023 and ends it March 2023. (Together with USD) PERSERVERE XRP will rise like a Phoenix starting on

15th of January. Rise will end in March. OUROBOROS Gives us the dates of BTC collapse (14th of January 23) and USD collapse (15th of March 23) which I haven't went into details because I explained year 39 in Pyramid Riddle. USD TOWER Gives us beginning of collapse of USD (13th

of March) and death of USD (15th of March). BTC TOWER Gives us 2 dates. 14th of January (battle number 1) and 15th of March (battle number 2). XRP TOWER Gives us 15th of January (battle number 1 - BTC vs XRP) and 15th of March (battle number 2 - fall of USD).

MIDDLE OF TOWER Middle of tower gives us 8th of September and kind is mourning over the death of the Queen. DOORS Gives us 130 days. 130 days from Phase 5 (Queens death - 8th of September) gives us 16th of January which is first day after XRPs first pump. 130 days from

Phase 8 (5th of November) gives us 15th March. Death of USD. KING He lost power and he became Roman citizen. He is mourning Queens death and also gives us 589. 5 - Queens death, 8 - Phase 8 on November 5th, 9 - end of BTC (and USD) which happpened on the 15th of March.

KNIGHT Gives us the date of a battle that took place between BTC and XRP. BTC collapsed 14th of January, and XRP won 15th of January. BEAR Teeths First sequence 14th and 15th of January Second sequence 3rd of March 2023 Mask Represents Great Depression in 2023.

Jester Pump, that took place 15th of January, will go up to 20$. 17th of January, Ripple sold Escrow to UK. (Baba said that it begins in London) We have national emergency days which occurs 17th and 19th of January 2023.

And there were unofficial events that took place 15th of January and 15th of March. Also, Jester gives us the dates 15th of January and 15th of February.

Bonus 1 I forgot one piece in the Pyramid puzzle. Heart 14 is for all 3 pyramids. 14/1, 14/2 and 14/3. 14th of January BTC collapse, XRP pumps overnight. 14th of February XRP pumps. 15th of March is USDs and BTCs death.

Bonus 2 2019 calendar gives is 14th of February which is 2nd XRP pump. 2022 calendar gives us 13th of March or the date when USD begins to collapse.

Bonus 3 Ripple's Wikipedia - Inital release

Mr. Pool visual representation of what we are about to witness.

ABOUT JB I saw someone said that the "JB" riddle is outdated. Well, I can still buy XRP now which means it wasn't the last chance. JB = Joe Biden = Jachin and Boaz Jachin and Boaz are 2 pilgrims that were destroyed when Solomon's First Temple was destroyed (BTC). Solomon's First

Temple is destroyed at the same date as the Second Temple. (USD) So, if the JB pilgrims were destroyed in the First Temple and the First Temple (BTC) was destroyed on the same date as the Second Temple (USD), that means that JB pillgrims, BTC and USD will be destroyed

15th of March 2023. 4 days after is 19th of March when XRPs STABLE release takes place overnight which is coincidently on 20th of March when everyone ISO20022 and SWIFT coexists together and all user begins to use them. Read the siege of Jerusalem that took place in

589 (22) - 587 (20). BCE. So the Siege of Jerusalem took from 2020 till 2022. When the did lawsuit happened? In 2020. And when is XRP mooning? 1/23. The Siege is over this year. 589 is there for a reason, to draw the attention. Siege of Jerusalem was part of Jewish–Babylonian War

You can find the details if you can s33. Remember what I told you about CTRL+F and searching for 33? 33 is the key to secret stories. There is no way anyone will have time and decode every page of hi(dden)story. You look at this how you want, but I see potential opportunity to

sell before 13th of March (USD collapse) and reinvestin in period of 4 days after JB's death (USD and BTC death of 15th of March).

I hope you enjoy! I won't be solving any more Riddles. These Castle Riddle and Pyramid Riddle fried my brain. 🤣🤣

All 3 decodes here. 👇

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