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It’s time for a #thread I’ve been putting off: A selection of some of the best work I did for Deadspin (a good website) and some of my favorite things I wrote there, too, if not necessarily among the best. Wanna contact me Re: freelancing/jobs/whatever? davidbix@gmail.com (1/?)

My first article there used the then-new WWE HOF "legacy" inductions as a jumping off point to my discovery via a FOIA request that Vince McMahon Sr. was caught on an FBI bug bragging about threatening Dr. Jerry Graham. Somehow it wasn't in past NWA FOIAs.

Few scoops could ever be as weirdly satisfying as JBL's tremendous self-own where he tweeted a denial that he sole Justin Roberts' passport, something Justin hadn't accused him of. Meanwhile, John Hennigan had told me that JBL was asking others to do it.

One week, @timmarchman asked me for coolest wrestler that everyone needed to know about. I immediately answered "Keith Lee." So I talked to @RealKeithLee (as well as @DijakovicWWE & @drewcordeiro) about how he had become a breakout star. (We were right.)

Love how this was very much a perfect intersection of Deadspin & rasslin: When Frank Deford passed away, I looked at the huge yet incredibly underrated impact he had on reporting on wrestling, with quotes from @richarddeitsch & a certain nameless friend.

Maybe my favorite headline on anything I did for Deadspin, not sure if it was from @timmarchman or @barry: "Samoa Joe Can't Be Stopped," looking at Joe's improbable rise in WWE almost a decade after he seemingly crippled himself atop the Sears Centre.

My follow-up on the forgotten story where Triple H's nutritionist seemingly talked candidly about his client using PEDs only to walk it back. Interesting looking back on it 2 years later.

The weirdest thing that @timmarchman ever let me do, a blog about the random wrestling fan who wasted the FBI's time by saying he paid Oswald as part of the conspiracy to kill JFK.

That time when I discovered that police in Florida felt they had probable cause to charge Vince McMahon with groping a tanning salon employee and one of the witnesses said Vince stared her down from his car afterwards.

Somehow, in 25 years, I was the 1st reporter to pull the police file on the Jerry Lawler rape case and found that, among other things, he had egregiously lied about the case for decades & wrote an very racist letter to prosecutors to try to sway the case.

A personal favorite of mine: When I tried to get to the bottom of the Louisiana commission's dumb wrestling rules and how they'd affect WrestleMania weekend, which proved dumber than expected.

I tried to see if there was anything I could dig up to figure out how many people were REALLY at WrestleMania III and couldn't come up with any good answers, but did come up with some new questions.

Collaborating with @ZidanSports got the ball rolling on my coverage of WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia; I can't list all of it. This one also has some interesting stuff about WWE's original Middle Eastern tours in the '80s.

One of my favorite weird things about @david_j_roth is how, for someone who's not exactly much of a big wrestling fan, he LOVES my stuff about the WWE Network Hidden Gems. That started with this article.

A scoop I did NOT expect at all until I got tipped off: That WWE ringside physician Dr. Chris Amann admitted under oath in a deposition for his lawsuit against Colt Cabana & CM Punk that he had a sexual relationship with at least one wrestler patient.

One of these days I need to cover the topic deeper, but if you need a brief primer on the history of pro wrestling not having a union (except for a spell in Mexico), then this is a great place to start.

I don't write a lot of stuff that functions as a review or even otherwise about in-ring wrestling because it's not exactly something that fits any place I'd write for, but this Daniel Bryan blog is the best thing I've ever written about rasslin as art.

I don't think I found any new answers about the WWE/McMahon donation to the Trump Foundation as much as I became confused as to why anyone was bothering to dispute anything.

That time I stumbled into a Newspapers dot com rabbit hole about Antonio Inoki conning the mass media into thinking he was fighting Idi Amin and a blog came out.

This was something I'd wanted to write for a long time and I thought it came out just right: WWE's fight for deregulation and how the New Jersey leg of it led to a deluge of mainstream "They admit wrestling is fake!" coverage.

The 1st of 2 Ultimate Warrior articles: When I tried to explain why WWE honors this stupid dead idiot and discovered that his ties to white supremacy were more concrete than we might have realized.

A look at how WWE's holy grail lived up to the hype. (And wait a sec, there's a limit on "formal" threads? This isn't even that much. Just a few more to come in a reply.)

A story that's long deserved to have the actual facts available in something that could easily be discovered on Google. Hopefully this helps set the record straight long term.{

There's much more, but these are a great place to start. RIP Deadspin, you were a good website.

Shit, I forgot to include the other Warrior article when I did this thread earlier. Maybe the best thing I've ever written from a writerly perspective?

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