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#SakuAtsu 🔞 | the way you look | rated E (#Haikyuu) __ “How’s the birthday boy?” Kiyoomi hums, pressing Atsumu to their bedroom door, effectively shutting it. Their mouths crash together, hungry and bruising.

Atsumu is trembling, hands fumbling with Kiyoomi’s buttons like he can’t stand to be apart a moment longer. “Ready to get railed,” Atsumu puffs out between panting breaths. Greedily, his crotch grinds down against Kiyoomi’s thigh. He’s so thick and straining,

the fabric of his pants has gone taut. It looks painful—Kiyoomi soothes it with his palm, sliding it over the throbbing length while delighting in Atsumu’s hitching breaths. “Please, Omi,” he starts pleading, hands pushing off Kiyoomi’s dress-shirt.

Atsumu ducks in a frenzy to mouth hotly all over his skin. He groans, like Kiyoomi is a delicacy he can’t get enough of. “Omi, I swear I’ll burst—“ Kiyoomi shoves him against the door again, gracelessly falling to his knees. He tugs and pulls at Atsumu’s belt impatiently.

It comes undone with a sharp snap. The button pops open and the sound of the zipper tears through the quiet dimness of the room. Atsumu’s sigh of relief gets all jumbled up and caught in his throat, sounding choked, when Kiyoomi’s mouth immediately descends on him.

“Fucking hell,” Atsumu leans back unsteadily against the door, fisting Kiyoomi’s hair. “Shit, shit, shit.” Kiyoomi swirls his tongue around the head, tonguing at the wet slit before swallowing him down, as far as his throat can bear. Atsumu yells, throwing his head back.

The force of it knocks his skull against the door, but he doesn’t seem to care. His hips kick in Kiyoomi’s hold, and he rears into his wet mouth with a desperate groan. “Shit—you’re so perfect, I’m gonna die, Omi—“ Kiyoomi draws back with a wet cough.

“Don’t die before the main course,” he says hoarsely and swallows him down again. Atsumu melts back against the door like a puppet who had his strings cut. His skin glistens in the low, warm glow of the lamp light.

It highlights the flush in his cheeks, and the slickness of his parted lips. He’s so gorgeous, Kiyoomi wants to devour him whole. He thinks, wildly, with his own pants suffocating his swelling erection, that he’d let Atsumu do anything to him right now.

His hips roll and slide past Kiyoomi’s lips in aborted little motions, clearly trying to hold himself back from fully thrusting into the heat of Kiyoomi’s eager mouth. Kiyoomi draws off, breaths gone, to rasp out: “You can fuck my throat.” Atsumu swears,

cock twitching on Kiyoomi’s tongue as he receives him again. Kiyoomi digs his long fingers in Atsumu’s ass and rears him closer, encouraging his hips to thrust. Atsumu doesn’t require much convincing. His next thrust bumps the head against the back of Kiyoomi’s throat.

His eyes water as he tries not to choke, relaxing his jaw as much as possible and relishing in the way Atsumu stretches his throat again and again. For his part, Atsumu babbles filth, hands tight in Kiyoomi’s curls as Kiyoomi’s nose meets his pelvis again.

“Your—fucking—mouth,” Atsumu pants out. He curls over Kiyoomi, gasping as he holds him there until tears overflow Kiyoomi’s eyes and he starts gagging. Atsumu releases him as Kiyoomi coughs a little, wiping at his wet face.

There’s slobber on his chin that he’d normally find disgusting but can hardly spare a thought for now. Not when Atsumu looks like this; like he’s hanging by a thread, hair a wild mess, eyes feverish. Kiyoomi feels ravenous.

He swallows him down again despite the way his throat protests. “Shit, look at ya.” Atsumu’s voice is gravelly and low, snaking down his spine like molten lava. “Drooling on my cock like that. I’m so lucky—Fuck.” Kiyoomi gives his abused throat a break,

wrapping a tight fist around Atsumu and jerking him off in rapid, tight pumps. He meets his heated gaze, Atsumu’s dribbling cockhead bumping his lips with every flick of his wrist. “I want you to cum on my face.” Atsumu’s eyes snap open, pupils blown wide with lust. “W-what?”

“I want you to do it,” Kiyoomi encourages, hastening his pace. “All over my face.” He rarely ever indulges in something like this. The clean-up is a pain, and he can be squeamish, but the need for it burns in his gut. “Are ya sure, Omi?”

He smirks up at Atsumu’s hazy, bewildered expression. “Anything for the birthday boy.” Atsumu’s head falls back once more and he groans, jolting in Kiyoomi’s fist. He’s close, Kiyoomi can feel it in the way it throbs in his hand. Wants it with a sudden desperation.

He buries the entire length of him in his throat again, drunk of Atsumu’s rasping, desperate sounds. The way he starts falling apart. Kiyoomi pulls off just as Atsumu starts to come. The first spurt catches on his lips, the next smattering his cheek.

His cock kicks in Kiyoomi’s hand again, making another mess on his chin. There’s so much of it, it drips down his fist, and pools in his mouth. Kiyoomi steadies himself, allows himself to swallow despite the sharp, bitter taste. Atsumu looks completely gone, panting hard,

face a deep crimson and eyes half-lidded and dark. “Fuck,” he says over and over, chest heaving. His shaky fingers tip Kiyoomi’s head back to study the sticky mess he made on his face. “This is going to haunt all my wet dreams.” From his back pocket, Atsumu pulls out his phone,

fumbling to unlock it. “Can I—?” Kiyoomi’s face burns, but he nods. He feels debauched when Atsumu buries a big hand in his curls and holds him still for the camera. He snaps a picture, the shutter echoing loudly. “Shit,” Atsumu bites his lip,

his thumb pressing down on Kiyoomi’s teeth, opening his mouth. He takes another picture. And another, as two thick fingers greedily spread Kiyoomi’s lips. Emboldened, Kiyoomi’s tongue lolls out for Atsumu’s cum-streaked fingers to stroke against. The shutter goes off again.

He doesn’t normally care to be displayed like this, it’s more of Atsumu’s thing, but his boyfriend looks drunk on the sight of him that Kiyoomi doesn’t stop him when he pushes his cock inside Kiyoomi’s mouth for another picture.

If that’s what Atsumu wants for his birthday, Kiyoomi is going to make it extra damn special for him. And if Atsumu wants to take a hundred pictures of him like this, then so be it.

// happy birthday Atsumu 🤭 Half-tempted to do an OsaSuna too… Virtual Tip Jar 🫙✨

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