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Why You Don't Attract Women Most Men will ignore this advice and suffer. A Thread ๐Ÿงต

Most young men struggle with women, They chase women to a point of getting blocked. But High-Value Men seem to attract beautiful women naturally into their lives. Do you want to be Most Men or a High-Value Man?

There are two ways to attract women 1. The Game Way 2. The Level Up Way

You know what way Most Men choose? They choose the "Game" Way.

They learn attractive behaviors and put an act on Such Men get women But With Time, Women are bound to find their truth When women find out what you say isn't aligned with who you are They leave your lives.

The High-Value Men seem to choose The "Level Up Way"

To understand the level up way we need to understand 3 things - Relationships - Young Men - The 1st Step

Understanding Relationships Relationships are: Two complete people who have unlimited love and energy to share with each other. The Key Term being COMPLETE.

How many people around you are complete? Almost None.

Understanding Young Men Young Men are especially Far from Complete. Young Men have - Money Problems - Woman Problems - No Direction We are a Mess in our early lives.

But we want women, Because evolutionarily we are designed to reproduce. Reproduction is the Evolutionary Mission we have.

The same way women have an evolutionary mission To search for a Man who can Protect and Provide They Look for - Money - Fitness - Leadership Role - Father Role Young Men have almost none of these qualities That's why we cant attract women.

So how do we flip the script?

The 1st Step Men's lives can go exponential At 18 with everything a mess At 35 they can have a perfect life - Date 9s & 10s - Have Fuck Ton Money - Have a 10/10 Physique This is true, Only if they put in the work

You might ask Why do I call this "exponential success" Observe Around Yourself How many men are building themselves? Almost None.

So what is the 1st step? Self Assessment: Realization and Acceptance Before you book an uber you need two things The Pick-Up location and the Destination. We have to determine our pick-up location.

We have to look ourselves in the mirror We have to ask, Questions whose answer will hurt us, The Raw Truth.

Most Men have already left this thread All they want is Fluffy Game Lines. If you have read till here, You are different You believe there is a better life out there for you

Ask Yourself - Where do I stand in my life? - How Do I feel about myself? - Do I love the person I am or Do I hate the person I have become? - Would the person in the mirror be my ideal self?

High Chances the person in the mirror isn't a person you like, that is why you clicked on this thread. This is a Good Thing. Now we know the pickup location Now we know the starting position

Do this exercise thoroughly ask yourself questions that will hurt. I did the same ritual last year I asked myself questions, I was afraid to answer Looking back to last year, I am glad I let the questions pain me, It became the spark that ignited the flame within me

I hope you do the same. I have linked 10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself in my youtube video! You can download them for free.

You can watch the long version Where we go into more details about the topic on my youtube:

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