Cassie (she/her) ➡️ on a break ✌️

Cassie (she/her) ➡️ on a break ✌️



NEW TO INDYCAR? Let’s talk about championship points! How are they awarded? What’s the path to a series title? Let’s do some off-week learning! #IndyCar / #Indy500

While there are technically three championships in IndyCar, most everyone focuses on the Driver’s Championship. That’s what we’re talking about here. #IndyCar / #Indy500

IndyCar has a “participation trophy” style points-system—every entrant in the race gets awarded points. You can also get bonus points for winning the pole and leading laps. #IndyCar / #Indy500

No championship run looks the same, but you can see a similar pattern pop up year-after-year. Success at all three types of IndyCar tracks (ovals, street circuits, and road courses) PLUS a good result at the Indianapolis 500 is key. #IndyCar / #Indy500

So why is the Indianapolis 500 such a big deal for the series title? Two words: double points. #IndyCar / #Indy500

Double championship points at the Indianapolis 500 is quite controversial! Want to start an animated conversation with an IndyCar fan? Just ask how they feel about double points! #IndyCar / #Indy500

A slight digression: the beginning of the IndyCar season is mostly treated as a lead-in to the Indianapolis 500. While the teams—of course—want to win these first races of the season, everyone is thinking about the Indy 500 all day, every day. #IndyCar / #Indy500

So why am I talking about the Indy 500 so much in a championship explainer? Well, two reasons 1) double points at Indy can make or break your championship and 2) many consider winning the Indy 500 a bigger deal than winning a series championship. #IndyCar / #Indy500

So how do you stay on top of the championship standings all season long? I cannot recommend downloading the @IndyCar app enough! It’s 100% free, easy-to-use, and packed with features. It’s a must for new and veteran fans alike! ➡️ #IndyCar / #Indy500

Big ups to my boys @mike_joac and @mgoodier007 for being my on-call proofreaders and fact-checkers. 😘

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