How to attract a high quality woman ++ thread ++

Tired of listening to "pickup artists"? Tired of trying to learn "game"? Tired of getting rejected? Listen to this message.

I grew up deathly shy. I couldn't talk to girls for the life of me. I remember taking hours to get up the nerve to ask a girl to prom. Today, I have found myself a high-quality woman that shares unmatched support for me and my mission. How I did it and how you can too.

#1: Health Let's be real, most people are attracted to healthy people. You don't have to be a bodybuilder supermodel. You do have to be healthy. A high-quality woman will not trust a man that cannot care for his own health. There are many reasons why this is essential.

Health is biologically attractive Health is more physically attractive Health signals discipline & self-respect You get the picture. You need to get healthy.

#2: Confidence People on this earth CRAVE certainty. You can bet that includes high-quality women. - speak with certainty - be the man with a plan - have 100% belief in yourself High-quality women swarm to confident men.

#3: Values Most men nowadays lack a backbone. They aren't clear on their values and if they are they would trade them for a few bucks. Don't let this be you. What do you stand for? Get crystal clear on this and stick to it.

#4: LEAD It is your obligation to lead by example. A high-quality woman won't respect a man that leads with: - Poor manners - Unhealthy habits - Emotional instability Every action you take is setting the example for her.

#5: Mission This will separate you from 95% of men IF you do this. Most men walk through life just going with the flow. - no goals - no meaning - no aspirations You NEED a mission.

Find a cause. Start a business. Dedicate your life to something meaningful. High-quality women will flock to you.

P.S. I'm looking for a few more people who want to become more attractive and confident in their bodies. (while eating carbs and working out 2.5 hrs/wk) DM me "Body" and I'll get you all the details. DM me "Body"👇

Here's what a few men have accomplished. Women look at them as a completely different man in 12 weeks.

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