🌞 Sol Brah 🌞

🌞 Sol Brah 🌞




1. Stop wearing underwear. You are constricting your vital life parts with polyester poison.

2. Cease consuming mass media. You don’t need to see the new SoyMan Supreme 3000 movie

3. Lift some weights. If you’re not jacked, you’re behind. Pick up some heavy things and put them down again.

4. Quit your spreadsheet dweeb job. Don’t give up on your true dreams for a cubicled prison.

5. Live Honestly. DO what you really want. Say NO to things you don’t want to do. Stop muting yourself.

6. Don’t get in your own way. Allow happiness and abundance to enter you life and be the default. Nothing is too good to be true.

7. Be Uncompromising with Your Vision. No one can make things happen but you. Only you know your version of success.

8. Sun Your Balls. Your Testicular PowerHouse needs that Vital Light energy to optimally perform. Allow Helios Blessing to carry you through life.

9. Stop Treating Sex as Casual. You take on Energetic Ties with Everyone you are intimate with, make sure its worth it.

10. Go outside more. Climb Trees, scramble over rocks, get wet in the rain. Be part of this Earth as you were made.

11. Avoid toxic blue light. Become a vampire to it. Absorb only God’s Light (sun), or candles.

12. Reject dependence on technology. You don’t need an app controlled toaster. Technology will become our master if we allow it.

13. Be nude more. Return to your natural form. Don’t be scared of your own body.

14. Volunteer at your local dog shelter.

15. Stop touching receipts.

16. Begin Gardening. Curate a sense of homegrown herbal supremacy.

17. Explore ancient catacombs. The entrances to Agartha need to be found.

18. Understand the inner workings of Atlantis’ downfall, so the same doesn’t happen again.

19. Take a vow of silence. Don’t speak for two weeks. You can communicate through telepathic mental imaging if you need to.

20. Drink some red wine, feast and make love in a moonlit forest.

21. Befriend a group of crows or ravens.

22. Eliminate all toxic β€˜friends’ from your life who don’t want you to succeed.

23. Sleep earlier, rise earlier. Early to bed and early to rise makes a man happy, wealthy and wise.

24. Acquire and successfully fulfil a quest. Ask people around you for anything that needs a brave man or woman to do it. Then Do it.

25. Question authority. Your Government is a Hostile regime working against your freedoms. Understand this.

26. Start Dressing like you Mean it. Acquire some tasteful drip, turn heads wherever you go.

27. Get lean. Live like a Spartan, Ab veins are the best accessory.

28. Talk to model girls. Stop being a p*ssy. They need love too.

29. Stop judging others. Everyone is on their own path.

30. Understand life is what you make it. Namaste

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