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skts 7 minutes in heaven "You got 7 minutes, losers!" Atsumu's squawk of protest is cut off the second Suna slams the closet door shut and now he's faced with being in very close quarters with Kiyoomi.

He's considering just standing in the dark, in silence because he's 500% sure Kiyoomi wouldn't ever want to do anything with him. Except the light flickers on and Kiyoomi has quite the determination on his flushed face.

"Omi...?" Atsumu backs into the wall as Kiyoomi steps forward into his space. His dark eyes dart from Atsumu's lips to his collarbone. Maybe it was a good idea to wear that low cut v shirt... "You're very pretty," Kiyoomi blurted out,

"your neck is..." Kiyoomi brushes his thumb along the column of Atsumu's neck, "... beautiful." "Ya gonna bite me like a vampire, omi?" The corners of Kiyoomi's lips turn into a frown, yet again Atsumu ruins this with his mouth. "I can't, you would bleed out."

Atsumu blinks as a small smile comes to his lips, "then where's a safe place to drink my blood?" Kiyoomi's brows furrow as he is taking this question especially seriously, how drunk just was he? "Your wrist..." Slender fingers sought out Atsumu's wrist and

he watched as Kiyoomi brought it up to his lips, and sufficiently bit him. "Hey!!!" Atsumu yelped, "I'm not yer bloodbag." "I'm not a vampire so I can't drain your blood anyway, relax." "I don't care! Ya just don't bite people!"

"You asked for it, I don't know why you're so pissed." "It was a joke!!!" Atsumu huffed as he took back his wrist, "and I can think of better things to do with yer mouth..." "Such as?" When did Kiyoomi get so damn close to him?

"Well... ya know how this game works..." "Yeah?" Kiyoomi's hands rest on Atsumu's waist, he can feel their warmth burning through his thin shirt. "Let me make you for mauling your poor wrist." "Ya, do it." You know, maybe Atsumu's automatic responses aren't

the greatest at times, but the alcohol swimming through his veins certainly isn't helping. But once he gets to feel Kiyoomi's lips on his? All thoughts fly out of his pretty head. The taste of cheap beer is on his tongue and Atsumu only wants more of it.

His hands go into Kiyoomi's hair, tangling his fingers in dark locks as their tongues slide against each other. The hands on his waist drift lower, groping his ass like Kiyoomi fucking owns it. A knee slips between his legs too, giving

him the perfect excuse to rut against his crush. "Omi, yer... really fucking good at this." "Did you think I'd be awful?" "No just..." Atsumu felt the heat rush to his cheeks, "didn't think ya'd want to." Kiyoomi raised an eyebrow at this, "you're too pretty not to kiss."

"That the only reason?" "Would you like me to write a list or just keep making out?" "Well, I ain't opposed to a little praise..." Kiyoomi rolled his eyes before mashing their lips together once more. Atsumu couldn't help giggling into the kiss.

This was less nerve wrecking than he thought it'd be, Kiyoomi was so bold. He loved it though, Kiyoomi claiming his mouth with his demanding tongue and those hands squeezing roughly at his ass. "Omi..." "Hm? Are you going to use my thigh to get off?"

Those words sent a pleasurable shiver down his spine, he never thought he'd hear Kiyoomi be so dirty... "Fuck..." "TIMES UP!" Atsumu went to instinctively pull himself away as the closet door was ripped open, but Kiyoomi's grip on him was tight.

"You owe me ¥5000, 'Samu!" "Ugh, gross." Kiyoomi ignored Suna in the doorway as he took Atsumu by the wrist and pulled him out of the closet. The man was on a mission and Atsumu was totally down to see just how far they went tonight. //🦊

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