Scientific Advertising has to be one of the best marketing books ive read here’s a couple things i learned and how im going to use them to blow up our tiktok game 10x over the next few months Thread

the book is written from a dr mail order perspective, but the principles apply to marketing today while it is copywriting focused, it applies to tiktok organic/ads as well at the end of the day writing or video is just a change of medium, the content remains the same

Specificity is key General statements are bland and meaningless, the customer has heard them before and assumes exaggerations But specific is measurable, true or false you can verify them, and they show the company put in the time and effort to test the product

im just going to quote the book to show the extent this can go “in the old days all beers were advertised as pure. the claim made no impression. the bigger the type used the bigger the folly. after millions had been spent to impress a platitude, one brewer pictured a plate

glass room where beer was cooled in filtered air. he told how bottles were washed four times by machinery. how he went down 4,000 feet for pure water. how 1,018 experiments had been made to attain a yeast to give beer that matchless flavor

he made the greatest success that was ever made in beer advertising” legendary

Test, test, test The book primarily talks about paid mail ads But its actually insane how they tested every picture, word, headline, use of space to the nth degree if youre not a/b testing everything youre losing

the goal is not creating a profitable ad it is finding the MOST profitable ad and testing is the only way to do that

He talks extensively about the length to which advertisers would serve customers The discount loses to the guarantee The guarantee loses to the cheap sample The cheap sample loses to the free sample The free sample loses to the FREE TRIAL of the product

Immediately had me thinking of free samples and mrr stores but there are certainly more white hat ways to do it The strategies may change but the principles remain the same

Transparency is a differentiator Especially now that targeted advertising is so pervasive that customers are hyper aware when theyre being sold to going the extra mile to bring them into your company can make a huge difference

One example of this was companies literally writing “we made a 9% net profit last year” in their ads or breaking down all the hidden costs to produce their products that customers wouldnt think of some major 🔑 to justify higher pricing/differentiate from competitors

People buy from people This is true in B2B/agency work but is often lost in the sauce for d2c stuff while we relate to brands at a high level (national brand marketing) it is much more impactful to know the story, name, face of the brand

one example of this was a brand struggling to sell dresses to poor women then they brought in a successful women who came from low income background and wrote from her perspective on how hard it was to find proper clothing sales skyrocketed

its kinda greyhat for dropshipping/aff offers but perfect for brands and actually how i got rise started

research, research, research behind some of the simplest ads is reams of literature and weeks of research and thats why they can be so simple but so effective learning exactly why people buy, how much they spend, the alternatives, pros and cons, getting to the grimy DETAILS

these dudes were next level too stories of advertisers spending weeks on farms to learn about the intricacies of equipment readings hundreds of scholarly articles for the one study that makes the ad millions this isnt browsing reddit for 20 minutes like most copywriters do

if this breakdown was helpful, drop a rt on the top tweet definitely going to be doing more of these reading is just too high roi activity to ignore

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