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And 48 hours later, it's a wrap! Landed as the first runner ups😭🥳 Presenting to you — Aankh, a real-time proctoring solution! Our complete thought process squeezed in this thread 👇🏻

Problem we are trying to solve? But proctoring has always been a task. And cheating and unfair practices have always been a problem.

Problems with the existing system? The current solutions assume to have 2 platforms. One for testing purposes like Google Form for writing exams. And another, video conferencing platforms like meet or zoom for manual proctoring.

That's where we come into picture! Aankh — a straightforward framework built for online proctoring to create online tests within minutes, effortlessly.

Architecture 🦄👇🏻 Built using @excalidraw <3

The designs were built using @figmadesign. And were brought to life with @reactjs.

Demonstration 👇🏻 Landing Page - Clear and direct CTA - All major features - Unique Selling Point: ~ Easy Integration with forms: Familiar User Interface for a good user experience. ~ Admin Dashboard: For user warning logs and statistics.

Register and Login - Face Verification is to be done when the exam starts. - A snapshot will be taken during initial registration.

Creating a Test + Admin Dashboard - Creating a test and expecting a Google/Microsoft Form Link — to be embedded. - Admin Dashboard — Tests arranged chronologically, irrespective of date and time added.

Start Exam After logging in and entering the unique test code. Live snapshots will be captured, periodically and will be analyzed for the following : - Face Verification - Face Cover/Visibility - Multiple People Detection

Not only that, checks for cheating: ~ Dev Tools Check ~ Full Screen Check ~ Multiple Tabs Check (Built a chrome extension for the same)

These checks will be counted as warnings and if it reaches a certain threshold, the exam will be terminated. Of course, we had to keep a priority:

Disabling the exams during these warnings. Default threshold for termination is set as 4.

And of course, we won't terminate the exam directly, it is the admin call after that (optional) Test Dashboard 👇🏻 The following warning logs, data, and statistics will be emailed to the Admin after the test.

Tech Stack 👇🏻

The tradeoff in a Hackathon: Speed over quality But something that we are proud of is, we tried to follow ideal software development practices. ~ Architecture ~ Design ~ Code

I just have to post these 😭 cc: @skxrxn

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