If you want to WIN at life, being strong isn’t enough. You need to be working every day towards becoming the best-looking, most aesthetically pleasing version of yourself. Most know the basics of this - very few have the whole PLAYBOOK. So let’s get into it: AESTHETICS THREAD

“CARING ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK IS VEIN” Screams the pale, ugly dude from the bleachers. No Eugene, there’s a reason why one of the most advanced civilizations in history carved statues like this:

Caring about how you look, working on your appearance and ultimately becoming a shining beacon of aesthetic excellence is a VITAL aspect of being a man. Why?

Because everything you want out of life comes 10x easier. Money Women Respect Power High-level friends And not just because everyone wants to be around the good-looking, jacked guy…

Because when you look great and you’ve WORKED for it, you earn unstoppable inner confidence. The kind of that is undeniably magnetic. That people can FEEL radiating from you.

Fuck “fat acceptance” Fuck “you look great just the way you are” A man’s life is all about BECOMING. And so in this thread…

I’m gonna to give you EVERYTHING you need in order to transform yourself from an invisible “average looking guy on the street” to a “holy fuuuccckkkk Celine did you SEE that man” chad rammer. And if you think you’re already there, just remember…

You can ALWAYS be thinner, look better. The wise words of Patrick Bateman. A man who embodies all the points about aesthetics I’m about to cover, which are…


1. LEAN 10-12% body fat. That’s the goal. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, how much mewing you do, if you’re not lean noone’s ever gonna see it. And so our #1 priority here is…

Fat loss. The “how” of this is very simple: Calorie deficit Heavy lifting 80% whole foods Hitting 1g/lb body weight protein The secret to ACTUALLY getting there is social enforcement and accountability. Both of which you can get inside UNTAPPED ATHLETE (DM me “YES”).

2. SHARP JAW A square jaw and prominent chin make a MASSIVE difference to your facial attractiveness. Don’t believe me? See photo:

What most people fail to realize is that your jawline is MALLEABLE. And that weak jaws are often the result of poor neck posture (see below tweet). To improve here, we do 3 things;

a) Proper neck posture Focus on having your chin tucked back horizontally towards your neck at all times, rather than vertically looking down (TIP: work w/ your computer screen at eye level) b) Mewing

Relax your tongue and apply pressure to the roof of your mouth to widen the Maxilla. Aside from aesthetic gains, this will also open up your airways allowing you to release more nitric oxide as you breathe. (which improves your lungs' ability to absorb oxygen)

c) Chew mastic gum Chewing mastic gum strengthens your masseter muscle (see photo), giving you a more square jawline. It’s been used by warriors, philosophers and Atlanteans for centuries. (I use @GrecoGum)

@GrecoGum 3. CLEAR SKIN Quality nutrition = clear skin. Here’s the playbook: > Sauerkraut - improves gut flora and high sulfur content of the cabbage good for skin cleansing > Liver - bioactive B-vitamins support your skin in a number of ways

@GrecoGum > Sunlight - not technically nutrition but essential for optimal Vitamin D production (which contributes to skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism, enhances the skin's immune system and helps to destroy free radicals) And finally:

@GrecoGum > Creamed spinach cooked in saturated fats/orange carotenoid vegetables - bioactive forms of vitamins A & K are necessary for your body to produce and assimilate vitamin D. Do all that and you’ll be GLOWING. NEXT:

@GrecoGum 4. GROOMED Super basic - look after yourself. Shave ur face. Get a haircut. You’ll look way better. Done.

@GrecoGum 5. STYLED Learn how to dress like you’re not a boy. Wear stuff that fits well. Cop some rings or something. Find whatever your drip is and wear it like you muhfucking OWN the place.

@GrecoGum 5. THICCC NECK (& traps) Many guys overlook their neck and traps. Which makes no sense, because having a THICK neck/traps… > Makes you look more masculine/aesthetic > Makes you more resistant to head injury/concussion > Helps your chin in combat sports

@GrecoGum 4 ways to improve: 1. Stand tall, chin TUCKED during any lifting (especially neck/trap work) 2. DB shrugs (literally the only traps exercise I do - typically 4 sets of 12-15, HEAVY, and the key is to let them stretch/pull your shoulders down slowly as far as you can.)

@GrecoGum 3. Neck Plate Raises Do all 4 directions (front, back, side, side) and try to keep the chin tucked as you are doing them. We want to go slow and keep tension in the NECK muscle only (don't cheat!) 4. Harness raises I don’t do them, but feel free (they’re certainly effective)

@GrecoGum 6. GORILLA CHEST This won’t be hard because we ALL love chest day. The ultimate aesthetic chest is full, rounded and wide. So you want to train a variety of exercises – presses/flys, incline/flat/decline – and optimize for the ones where you really feel a good pump.

@GrecoGum 7. V-TAPER Like a woman with an hourglass figure and great hips, a V-taper is attractive/aesthetically pleasing at a genetic level. A symbol of your strength, ability to protect and likelihood of producing good offspring.

@GrecoGum A solid V-taper requires two things - Wide shoulders/lats & a small waist. For wide shoulders and lats; > Keep your ribcage “down” and push your head through on OHP > Do more volume on Lateral Raises > Train rear delts for a “3D” look > Do more wide grip pulldowns/pull-ups

@GrecoGum For a small waist; > Get lean > Do vacuums 3-5x a day It’s that simple. Genetics come into play here but there’s a LOT you can improve. NEXT:

@GrecoGum 8. ARM DAY Big arms look good. No further explanation needed. Being a smaller muscle group you can hit them WAY more frequently so don’t hold back. Look at your arms, see what’s lacking (often tricep) and place more emphasis there.

@GrecoGum 9. HIT LEGS Friends don’t let friends skip leg day. For there is NOTHING more disgraceful than a jacked dude being held up by a pair of noodles. Strong legs are both essential to your overall aesthetics and the source of your power. Rejoice in the fact that…

@GrecoGum … You GET to train them (and train them hard) To improve; Do more hard volume. If you do 4 sets of 20 reps on squats, calf raises and Romanian deadlifts to your max intensity every leg day, they WILL grow. (and you’ll feel like a Viking warlord) BONUS:

@GrecoGum 10. ENERGY The energy you come with in your daily life affects the way you look and vise versa. To reach your final form you need a purpose. A mission. Something you’re building that is YOURS. Yes, aesthetics are important…

@GrecoGum But they should always come second to your real-world development. Noone wants to hang with the ultra-vein model types. Experiences, overcoming obstacles, going through discomfort are what allow you to move through the world dick-swinging, dripped out with swagger FINAL WORDS:

@GrecoGum You now have the LogFitz PLAYBOOK for becoming an aesthetically pleasing man. But here’s the thing… The playbook isn’t enough. In order to actually put in the work and ACHIEVE all these glorious benefits, you need…

@GrecoGum THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT To illustrate - imagine you’re on the football team and after every practice the whole squad decides to run suicides for 30 minutes. Are you gonna say fuck that and hit the showers like you would on your own? No, you’re gonna run suicides.

@GrecoGum That’s what happens when your environment is set up to work FOR you, rather than AGAINST you. Doing the hard stuff that’s necessary to achieve your goals becomes easy. Like running with the wind at your back. And so if you actually want a fighting chance at success…

@GrecoGum DM me “YES”. I’ll send you the details for joining UNTAPPED ATHLETE. A brotherhood of absolute savages where you’ll get all the information you need, as well as direct access to me and most importantly… Genuine social enforcement & accountability ⬇️⬇️

@GrecoGum I have a long way to go in my pursuit of perfection but we keep pushing. For more killer content like this, follow; @SolBrah @345marcel @RedemptiveKing @CoachPauI @rickhellwalker @theoliveranwar @CoachFHM Otherwise, drop a RT on the first tweet ⬇️⬇️

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