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The problem with women, is they need to be wise when they're young to best leverage their beauty into finding a man who will take care of them until they're old. But young women are by and large foolish. The wisdom comes too late, after much pain and much ageing.

In their defence, it's not entirely their fault. Men will tell them whatever they want to hear to sleep with them, and their female friends are all about conformity rather than truthfulness, so it's rare anyone ever actually says anything useful to them.

But that's where the father steps in. That is, in my view, the vitally important role a father plays in a woman's life. He is her primary arbiter of wisdom. He'll tell her harsh truths her mother won't or can't, and that others are too self-interested to share. He centres her.

The father is the one man who loves her without expectation of carnal reward. The lack of sexual tension promotes a unique trust. Makes the relationship special. Any man who is not a woman's biological father that bestows upon her the same gifts would have such an expectation.

No man wants to pay for the mistakes of another man, nor the distrust, resentfulness and pain caused by them. And that's what the aged woman represents. Greater difficulty for lower reward. From a man's point of view, it's not a good deal. Seek wisdom young women, or regret it.

May you be blessed with a wise and loving father who provides that, but short of that, may you have the conviction and strong will and spirit to seek it out and ingrain it. Live cautiously and discerningly rather than spasmodically. Gain more self control to better analyse others

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