#Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ An independent analysis into the demographics of sexual assault & rape in Sweden between 2012-2017 has yielded some shocking results. Notably, men of non-European origin commit 84% of 'serious' rapes despite only making up around 10% of the population 1/10 🧡

The chart below shows that Africans are most likely commit rape, whereas Middle Eastern/North Africans are more likely to commit aggravated rape. Alarmingly, an Algerian is 122x more likely to commit aggravated rape than a Swede and an Afghan is 69x more likely.

When aggregated, we see Angolans are 15x more likely to commit rape or aggravated rape than a Swede. Of the 25 nationalities that rated highest, only one (Belarus) was from a European country.

For assault rape, which is categorised as violent rape by a stranger, Algerians were 541x more likely to commit assault rape than a Swede. However, prosecutors do not even seek deportation for the majority of rape convictions against foreign nationals.

95.6% of assault rapes are committed by men of foreign origin. Here is a breakdown of the type of assault rape broken down by nationality. Red = Individual against woman Orange = group against women Blue = individual against man

The report also showed that 90% of gang rapes are committed by men of non-European origin. The difference between Swedes & Algerians are an astronomical 16,970%. Afghans have a factor of over 10,000% greater than Swedish men.

Sweden has also seen a sharp rise in gay rapes in recent years with gang rape against men is now the most common category 85% of those convicted of gang rape against men are Afghans

Of course, it's not just sexual violence which Swedes suffer from. This video was posted by Ali Al Rubaie, 24, on his own Instagram account. He was proud of punching an unsuspecting Swedish girl, showing the complete cultural gulf between the immigrant population and the Swedes.

The obscene overrepresentation of sexual crimes from immigrants should send reverberations around the whole of the Western world. Just as grooming gangs in the UK & NYE rape gangs in Germany should have I wonder if Swedish NGOs like this woman realise the pain they've inflicted?

Here is a link to the study

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