Dr Strangetweet or How I Learned to Love the RT

Dr Strangetweet or How I Learned to Love the RT



And during all of this, you pushed disagreeing politically to calling us Nazis and justifying violence against us, justifying harming our families and our jobs.

So now, we push back. We pushed back with Trump. We pushed back with state legislators. We pushed back with school boards. And we haven’t even begun to push back, kiddo.

We’re going to push abortion back to the “rare” side in many states. We may give you a timeframe like 12 to 15 weeks, about what your beloved “other industrialized nations” give. We may not.

We’re going to push back on gun control. We’re not going to accept your offer of “you can keep some guns until we decide to get rid of them.” We’re going to elect legislators to make ownership easier. We’re claiming our rights back.

We’re going to push back on the LGBTQ agenda. We’re going to make your lives miserable when you try to get our kids to question their gender. We’re going to remove the power you think you have and put it in the hands of the parents.

You had a chance to call a truce. You had a chance to be in control and be happy. You had a chance to just leave us alone. You didn’t.

You pushed and prodded and provoked. And you’re threatening to commit violence now? Good luck with that.

There’s a saying about the danger of making people who want to be left alone get involved. You’ve made us get involved. So all of it, from here on out, is squarely on you. Enjoy the whirlwind you have so deservedly reaped.

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