Omegaverse, implied dubious con somewhere in the background Omega!Atsumu as a social worker for one of the hospices taking care of feral Alphas. Even though their patients were driven by instincts, they were still easy to deal with on a daily basis. But then it happened.

It seemed like a normal, although a little gloomy and stormy, day in the middle of Atsumu’s shift when the power went out. It had happened before, so nobody worried, but then all rooms’ locks opened at once letting every single feral Alpha out.

Subduing one of them wasn’t that difficult but in a group they were unpredictable. Dangerous. Aggressive. And still mostly out of their mind. Atsumu did the only sensible thing. He ran. They had plenty of rooms without handles—you could go in with key but not

without—just in case you had to hide. He faltered on his way there, seeing some of his coworkers being dragged on the floor to the rooms. He noticed Kuroo humping Kenma happily… but then he was hit from the side and smashed onto the floor. Hard. He wailed in pain and turned

to his attacker but before he could do anything, another feral Alpha, Kiyoomi, knocked the guy out with one single punch. He growled and grabbed Atsumu’s wrist, manhandling him to one of the safe rooms, shutting both of them inside.

Atsumu crawled back, putting as much distance as he could between them. This was possibly one of the worst options in this shitstorm. Because Sakusa Kiyoomi had it bad. He was with them the longest, each rut more painful, more debilitating, taking away his senses.

They all pitied him, hoping the death would finally do its job and take him, easing his suffering. But something made him cling to life, going through all that pain all over again and again. He was grumpy and growled a lot, and scowled, but was otherwise pretty well-mannered.

Atsumu still considered him the biggest danger in the hospice. The Alpha growled, eyeing the door as if it was going to burst open. Someone was there for sure but the strong pheromones had to warn them off because they left.

When the Alpha turned in his direction, Atsumu stilled, fear evident in his eyes. They were paid well for a reason and if not careful, they could end up bonded to one of the feral ones who couldn’t get their humanisty back in most cases. Sakusa crooned, watching him with his

intense eyes. Atsumu raised his eyebrow. Was the Alpha trying to ease his fear? The next two hours were the worst of Atsumu’s life. He could still hear some screams and pleas in the background, some slams and growls. Sakusa had yet to try approaching him, alert and focused

on the door before him. It was unusual for a feral one, almost impossible, but it seemed his instinct to protect was stronger than the instinct to mate. Atsumu wished there were more Alphas like him out there, sweet and caring. When he held a hand out to Atsumu, Atsumu hesitantly

grabbed him and let himself be pulled closer. Kiyoomi started emitting calming pheromones and nuzzling his neck soothingly but didn’t try anything funny. When the guards got everything under control, they forcibly removed Sakusa from the room. The Alpha was not happy

but had no choice. The idiot who let them all out—on purpose!—was taken into custody and facing charges. A few Omegas were mated and bonded and it was a huge problem they needed to take care of. But Atsumu could only think about Sakusa Kiyoomi.

He started paying more attention to him, spending more time in his room (Sakusa surprisingly let him) and getting him calmer with each day. He was more alert than they gave him credit for, intelligent and perceptive in ways that made Atsumu think he could still be saved.

But the only way to check was to be his rut partner and he had to ask himself. Was he ready to take the risk? TBC? Maybe?

And context: the Omegas were there for a reason! They knew the risks and agreed to work there anyway, that’s why it’s tagged as dub con not rape. They signed contracts that said they accept the risks of being mated and bonded by accident

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