ok then tell me why these so-called "hypercapitalists" are implementing every ideal outlined in the communist manifesto

plus the CULTURAL revolution was engineered by literal marxists from 1930s-70s. CRT for example was invented by marxists. "woke capitalism" is largely a result of leftist hegemony of academia, media, etc., which indoctrinates each new generation of elites

globalists aren't neoliberals. these people aren't out here preaching hayek and von mises

basically, I think they have a spiritual worldview ("chosen people", "repairing the world", one-world government, and so on) and that socialism/communism/leftism (same shit diff names) is the closest/main ideological expression of their spiritual worldview

they arent ideologically dedicated to marx or w/e, they're religiously dedicated to the world government project (and enslaving humanity) which communism was a major step towards. and they definitely arent ideological liberals, they hate freedom and they hate plebs owning stuff

yea exactly, there's no functional difference between a global communist state in which "the party" (the oligarchy) owns everything and what we have now

here's the saint-simonianist worldview, who marx described as the patriarchs of socialism. it sounds exactly like the world economic forum / united nations / etc today

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