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#miyacestober2022 day 26 • summon cw / implied suicide “harder. faster.” clenching his teeth, atsumu follows osamu’s command. he raises his hips and slams down on the dildo, moaning loudly as it nails his prostate. “fuck!” “yer such a whore.”

his twin’s words only give him more encouragement, make him bounce harder on the plastic cock, wishing it was the real thing, wishing it was osamu’s. “s-samu,” he wheezes brokenly.

drool falls down his chin, sliding down his chest. he sees osamu’s eyes zeroing there, following it with rapt attention. he knows what osamu wants to do: he wants to lick him clean.

his cock throbs. it aches to be touched. but he knows he can’t. /not yet/ closing his eyes, he keeps moving: up and down, up and down; he focuses on the movement. the sensations multiply like this… but then he can’t see /him/.

he snaps his eyes open and hazel eyes lock on gray ones. he moans shamelessly. screams osamu’s name, not giving a single fuck if the neighbors hear. /“let them hear, let them wish they were ya.”/ had osamu told him once.

he feels the pressure building. “slut.” his calves are killing him, they feel on fire but he stays crouched, keeps impaling himself on the giant cock osamu has chosen for him tonight.

“ya wish ya were ridin’ me, huh?” “yes, yes, yes! samuuu!” osamu chuckles and licks his lips. “play with yer nipples.” he obeys. raising a hand, he takes his hardened nipple and rolls it between his fingers, pinching it.

“harder. we both know yer a painslut.” he cries as he does it and osamu smirks. “the other.” hand shaking, he moves to his other bud and pinches it harshly. it’s too much, yet not enough. “s-samu-u… /please/.” “i don’t know, i think ya can still keep goin’ for a lil longer.”

he wails and his cock throbs again, protesting while more drops of precum leak from its tip, sliding down, adding more mess to his bed sheets. “turn around, show me.” with a whimper, he raises himself higher and the dildo falls against the bed.

he topples over, falling on his side, panting harshly. osamu click his tongue: he’s impatient and he won’t tolerate any further delays, he has given atsumu a command and he has to do so.

crawling, he kneels on the edge of the bed, feet hanging from it and he bends over, face pressed against the mattress while he raises his ass, presenting himself. then he spreads his ass checks.

the lube falls down his thighs and he can only imagine how it looks like. it must be good, because osamu curses under his breath.

“fuck tsumu, yer such a fuckin’ whore. yer hole is so big… i bet i could fist ya and ya’d still complain, sayin’ yer not full enough.” the idea makes him shiver and he wishes, he /wishes/ osamu could do it. there’s nothing he wants more in this world than osamu’s touch.

/soon/ “samu?” “shh, i’m still enjoyin’ the view. can’t ya wait?”

biting his lip, he keeps his ass wide open, fingers digging on the meat of his cheeks as his cock keeps palpitating, demanding to be touched. his toes curl as he can physically feel osamu’s eyes on him, drinking the sight, /drinking him/.

“i bet no one knows the great setter, national’s team star player miya atsumu is a total whore in bed.” “n-no… no one knows. only ya samu.” “really? don’t believe ya. yer a slut and it’s been damn too long, sure ya’ve whored yerself around–”

“no,” he roars. “no one. only ya samu. yer the only one for me.” there’s a brief silence and then, “the pink one.” he dashes across the bed, hand fumbling around his toy box as he seeks his beloved pink dildo.

“fuckin’ hell tsumu. yer such a desperate, pathetic slut. ya almost fell from bed.” “shut up! i’m sufferin’!” osamu snorts. finally, he finds it and proudly, he raises his precious dildo shaking it as he turns around, showing it to osamu.

“come ‘ere.” he goes back to the end of the bed and planting his feet on the floor, he spreads his legs and lies down as he waits. osamu just hums, observing him, /torturing/ him and then at last, gives him the get go.

atsumu doesn’t waste a second before he’s shoving the cock inside. he groans as this one is slightly bigger than the other but he’s so, so desperate to cum he doesn’t care… and osamu was right, he does love pain.

the stretch feels delicious and bucking his hips, he tries to play around, tries to find his bundle of nerves. osamu appears over him, hovering his body, meeting his eyes. “ya look so good like this tsumu.”

he moans and his eyes roll back as he finally finds it. he starts to nail it, thrusting the cock inside of him as fast as he can. “touch ya. cum for me tsumu. show me how much ya want me.”

grabbing his cock, he only needs to fist it a couple of times before he comes, cum splashing all his navel, reaching even his chest. his back arches and his heartbeat echoes in his ears, muffling the rest of the world.

his vision gets blurry, darkening on the edges. only osamu’s beautiful face remains clear, the only thing he can focus. “samu,” he whispers. raising his hand, he tries to touch him but he passes out before his fingertips graze the owner of his heart, body and soul.

he wakes up with a startle. “samu?” “hey.” rubbing his eyes, atsumu blinks and waits until everything stops being so diffuse. the first thing he seeks and finds is osamu. he’s still there, waiting for him.

he smiles and then realizes that he can actually see osamu way too well. he can appreciate his dark hair, the logo of his business on the t-shirt… something that he couldn’t do last night as it was too dark. eyes moving to his right, he panics as he sees the sun is rising.

“no, no, no… not yet!” osamu smiles softly and stands up, approaching him. “it’s okay tsumu.” “not yet,” he whispers again. his eyes sting and his vision waters. “why didn’t ya wake me?! we barely have time together and i want it to spend it all with ya.”

“ya need to sleep tsumu. yer leavin’ today and ya needed to rest.” “exactly,” he hisses. “i’m leavin’ and ya know that means i can’t summon ya.” “but ya’ll come back.” “in two weeks!” his pained shriek bounces across the walls.

“tsumu,” osamu sighs. “it’s oka–” “don’t. i love ya and i need ya and these pesky hours i get with ya are never enough and ya know it.” “at least we’ve this now.”

his heart stutters as he recalls those painful times, all those months he was all alone, crying night after night for his twin, for his soulmate. “tsumu... i’ve to go now. win the gold for me, ok?” “i love ya.” osamu gives him a sad smile. “i love ya too. see ya next time.”

he doesn't want to but in the end, he whispers back, “...see you soon, samu.” then osamu fades away, leaving him all alone. again. he doesn’t cry. he doesn’t. really.

cleaning last night’s mess, he picks up the summoning book he found in an occult shop when desperate, he decided to give a try to the supernatural. he hugs it tightly against his chest as a lonely tear falls down his cheek. his eyes fall on the calendar he has on the wall.

the day after the olympics are over, it’s the day he has chosen. he can’t keep doing this. he can’t live without osamu. he has only endured this far because he once promised osamu that he was going to win the gold for him.

kissing the small gray fox tattooed on his wrist he whispers once more, “see you soon, samu. wait for me, i’m almost there.” fin.

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