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Atsumu felt a hot breath on his neck as the man behind him wrapped his arm around his waist, the other arm was out of the blonde's sight, but he still smiled big as he felt a something hard against his lower back. "Happy to see me, Omi?" His teasing tone earned a low chuckle.

"As always, darling." The hot puff of breath that came out of Kiyoomi with every word said against his skin made him shiver slightly, but he still didn't pay attention, deciding to focus on the food cooking before him. When he felt a hard press on his back he smirked,

His golden eyes showing a glint of mischief as he moved swiftly, grabbing the knife placed on top of the counter and turning around in Kiyoomi's grasp, hand holding the knife right against the raven's nape as his gaze met a dark stare.

He could see the shine of the dagger pressed on his abdomen under the deem light of their kitchen. "Yer always so predictable, honey. It's so cute." Black eyes became impossibly darker as Kiyoomi returned the smirk with one of his own.

"And you're always so easy to read, my love." A pair of lips met his, kissing him passionately as the sharp object rested right above a sensitive spot. The boiling water reaches the border of the pot as they get lost on each other, weapons still in hand.

//enemies and lovers but I have no idea why they're enemies๐Ÿ˜€

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