desi avocado 🥑 || stanning suga again 🤡❤️

desi avocado 🥑 || stanning suga again 🤡❤️



#osaatsu to osamu, it didn't matter that atsumu was his own twin, the immanent bonds of familial restricts mean absolutely nothing to him. how can they, when his sweet omega brother comes up to his bunk in the dead of night, mind swirling in the thores of his heat as he +

desperately paws at osamu's clothed cock, mouth agape in sexual frustration and awe. ever since they turned 15, atsumu's heat always seem to hit him like a truck and osamu was the one who had to fuck his omega brother throughout 5 days to sate his huge appetite for alpha cock.

osamu can tell that atsumu detests every second of it, abhors himself for being so needy for a basic knot and often cries in the bathroom at the end of his heat in guilt and loathing. he would come out hours later, eyes as red as blood, voice inordinately small and honest.

"'m sorry, 'samu. 'm nothin' but a scrub. i-i raped ya again. such a bad brother i am. a-are ya okay?" osamu's face must be flushed from the physical exertion and the mental image of atsumu on his knees. he coughs loudly. atsumu's face creases with worries.

atsumu must have thought that osamu /actually/ doesn't like fucking his omega twin 5 nights in a row, especially when the blonde preferred to ride him in the sunset. osamu let him keep the illusion, for it was easier to explain why he never stopped him and also gave him a pass

to be completely guiltfree when he enjoyed the fruits. in hindsight, he realised that it was copiusly screwed to let his brother wallow in his abjected guilt on his own, but he also knew that enjoying the tight heat of atsumu's cunt wasn't any normal either.

atsumu was a prideful being, ill-tempered and raucous. and during his heats, he turned downright ornery. it would be extremely self disrespecful for the stat setter to take in an alpha lover to just thraw off his heat, as dating was considered taboo during highschool.

and osamu doubted that anyone could fuck at a faster tempo than him anyways. alpha these days were too flowery and too soft, basically simps who would worship the god that their mate walks on. omegas liked that too. not atsumu, who wasn't ever the paradigm of a perfect omega.

atsumu prefered blunt, relentless, heavy and strong. he needs dirty, inflicting words directed into his ears as he cums osamu's torso, needs bitemarks all over his pale nape as his nipples rub roughly into the sheets, needs his ass to be spanked and sucked and kneeded like dough

for him to get off. and so, osamu did exactly that. "you are such a dirty whore, 'tsumu... seducing me like this", he'd breathe out, pain in his voice, as if he hated this. "cmon shake your ass, put on a show, i can't get hard like this, nii-chan.", he's claim to see atsumu

throw his ass in a circle, even though heaven could tell that he was achingly hard in his sweats.

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