#sakuatsu // vv late father’s day + single dad Atsumu Kiyoomi met Atsumu at a supermarket, the blonde carrying so many things in his hands instead of using a shopping basket/car. +

Kiyoomi and the blonde were standing next to each other, both picking their own cereal, when out of the corner of his eye, he saw something was about to fall. A jar of cherries.

Everything happened too fast, but Kiyoomi grabbed the jar before it touched the floor and once the shock had passed for both of them, the blonde was thanking him so fast it was endearing.

Kiyoomi hadn’t really noticed him before, he was sleep-deprived, only really having the energy to focus on one thing. That one thing right now, was the blonde in front of him.

He’s pretty, Kiyoomi thought. Beautiful even. He had blonde hair, bleached, if the dark undercut meant something. He also had hazel brown eyes, which were wide while looking up at him. He was tall, shorter than him, but tall. Kiyoomi likes tall.

He also appears to be saying something, going by the rapidly moving lips, and Kiyoomi must have stared a little to much without saying anything, because the blonde pauses, and a smile— no, smirk, starts to appear on his face.

He’s amused, Kiyoomi realizes. He’s hot too, his mind offers. Kiyoomi is about try and say something that’s not going to make him look even worse, but then— “Papa!” The blond whirls around, looking down at the brunette kid tugging at his shirt.

“Hi baby! Did ya find whatcha were lookin’ for?” The blonde crouches in front of the little girl, smiling wide at the sight of the kid’s grin. “Yep, stars with clouds cereal here!” The kid holds up the box of cereal, looking real proud at having gotten it alone. Adorable.

“That’s amazin’, honey! I’m proud of ya for not gettin’ lost.” The kid’s smile brightens up so much Kiyoomi thinks he might get blind from it, and it’s even worse when the blonde mirrors it. Suddenly, the kid freezes, her face serious, and motions her dad to get closer a bit.

“Papa, I think that sir is lookin’ at us, it’s scary.” She says, emphasizing in the last word.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the kid’s talking about Kiyoomi, and the blonde must remember he’s standing there, cherry jar in hand, because after a little pause, he abruptly stands up and faces Kiyoomi again.

“Uh, I totally didn’t forget ya were there.” He looks off to the side, not knowing what to say anymore. “The jar.” The blonde looks up and Kiyoomi nods towards the jar.

“Oh! Yeah, the jar.” He grabs it and secures it into his arms. “Thank ya, really. Akemi really likes cherries, like— really likes them. I can’t believe I almost let them fall when she loves them so much..” He trails off, eyes lowering from Kiyoomi’s face. “I’m rambling. Sorry.”

The girl— Akemi, takes a step closer to them. “Ya like them a lot too, Papa.” She says, a little frown appearing on her face at her father not mentioning that small fact. The prettiest blush appears on the blonde’s nose and cheeks, glancing at Akemi before looking at Kiyoomi.

He’s not making eye contact, though, apparently preferring to stare at what seems to be his neck. “Heh, yeah. I like them a lot too.” He looks down, as if trying to figure out if he should say something else or leave. Not yet.

Kiyoomi holds his hand out, lowering his head a little so the blonde meets his eyes. “I’m Kiyoomi, Sakusa Kiyoomi.” The blonde finally meets his eyes, smiling a little, and takes his hand. “Hi.”

Kiyoomi waits a little, before tilting his head to the side and raising his eyebrow. He knows his eyes scream nothing but hope and also that the corner of his lips are most definitely tilting upwards, but he can’t bring himself to care.

Akemi subtly nudges at his dad, or at least in a way she thinks is subtle. “Papa” The blonde’s eyes widen. “Oh, Atsumu. Miya Atsumu. It’s nice to meetcha.”

“And I’m Miya Akemi, I also say it’s nice to meetcha, sir!” Akemi beams up at him. Kiyoomi chuckles, meeting Akemi’s eyes. “It’s very nice to meet you too, Akemi.” He pauses and looks up to meet Kiyoomi’s slightly wide eyes. “Both of you.” ——

“You’re telling me you got his number, but don’t remember how?” Motoya looks at him in disbelief. Kiyoomi had somehow gotten Atsumu’s number, he knows they introduced each other and talked some more while shopping together for groceries.

He also knows he got his number because of the “Hi Kiyoomi-kun! It’s Atsumu. We’re still up for friday, right?” text that has been left unread on his phone for the past three hours. And, apparently, he also managed to ask him out on a date. And he said yes.

“Mhm.” Kiyoomi looks at his fingers taping on the table in front of him. The coffee he ordered tasted a little weird compared to the others he’s gotten from the same coffee shop he’s currently sitting with Motoya in.

“And not only that, but you asked him out on a date? And he said yes?” Motoya emphasizes on the last part and Kiyoomi frowns at him. “Why do you sound so surprised at him saying yes to the date?” He’s not pouting. He dares say it’s more of a small scowl, but whatever.

“Why do you sound so surprised at him saying yes to the date?” He’s not pouting. Really, he’s not. He dares say it’s more of a small scowl, but whatever. Motoya sputters. “It’s not that. I just- You, Sakusa Kiyoomi, asked a single dad out on a date. That’s what’s surprising me.”

Kiyoomi sighs. “You have to understand, Kiyo. The last time you went out on a date was with Akira, and if my minds not failing me, he didn’t only whine at everything, but also “behaved so annoyingly you had to end the date.” Your words, not mine.

You also broke up with him for that and then said you’d never go out with anyone ever again.” “That was what, three years ago? I haven’t dated anyone in three years, and I said that while angry. You, more than anyone, should know not to take what I say while angry to heart.”

He leans back until his back touches the chair. Motoya sighs. “I know, I know. I just don’t want you to regret this. Not only because of you, but because he also has a daughter, a child. It’s not only about you both.”

“I know that, Motoya. I took all of that into account when i asked him out.” “You don’t even remember having asked him out. Ever.” He deadpans. “That’s not the point here.” Motoya raises his brow at him and Kiyoomi looks up, already tired of this conversation.

“I know it’s not only about him, or me, okay? I know he has a daughter, I have thought about it. It’s why I told you I was thinking of saying yes to his text.” Motoya looks off to the side, not really convinced.

“Motoya, I promise.” He lowers his head a bit so Motoya will meet his eyes. “When have I ever done anything without thinking it over a thousand times?” His cousin exhales, knowing he has a point there.

Kiyoomi has never dared make a decision without having thought it over so many times he knew almost every outcome, and so a part of him knows he shouldn’t worry. It’s still Kiyoomi, though. He’s going to worry anyway.

“Okay. Yeah, I trust you not to be stupid.” Motoya pauses, before a grin breaks on his face. “Now, tell me everything about how you guys met.” Kiyoomi rolls his eyes, but his shoulders untense and one corner of his lips turns up. “I was grocery shopping when—“ /end

hi, forgot to say it’s the end for pt 1 bc it got too long so i had to separate it into parts :D

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