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🧵My translation of the 18th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange inside the FSB to Vladimir Osechkin. Dated: April 28. Subject: #Transnistria false-flag terror attacks against civilians for May celebrations & coverup of embezzled military funds. Please share far & wide.

As always, my comments for clarification are in (parenthesis). #WindofChange's parenthesis are in [brackets]. So, let's roll: "Unfortunately, the topic of terrorist attacks (Putin’s false flags) on civilian objects has not gone anywhere, just changed geography.

I will tell you later about what and how is happening here (FSB) with regards to this subject.

Terrorist attacks with large-scale casualties are planned for the May holidays in Transnistria. (May 9th is the Russian “Victory Day” of WW2, typically celebrations begin May 1st. Transnistria is Russia-occupied region inside Moldova which borders Ukraine from south-west.)

"Reaction to the blatant act of aggression" is already being actively prepared in all directions. (Kremlin's response to its own false-flag terrorist attacks that it will execute is being prepared.)

In addition, strikes on military facilities in the PMR (Transnistria) are possible - gigantic sums had been allocated for the military contingent of the Russian army there, so if "Ukrainian saboteurs on their way from Belgorod also destroy the auditable facilities" in the PMR,

then many important people will sleep much better. (Insinuation that large budget allocated for military supplies in Transnistria was embezzled by Russians in charge, so destruction of where these stocks were supposed to be would eliminate evidence of corruption.)

Furthermore, Transnistria directly demonstrates its reluctance to transition to the rails of military confrontation – they’re already getting physically dragged into the “geopolitical agenda of the day” by force.

Belarus managed to wriggle out of direct military involvement in Ukraine, but Transnistria has no chance to avoid the inevitable. And the (Russian false-flag) terrorist attacks need to become the focal point for the transition of the war into a new format.

Fact that [so far] the plan of direct bombings of civilian homes inside Russia has been shelved is a huge plus [the exposure helped with this]. (#WindofChange is referring to the 15th #FSBletters Vladimir & I published in Russian & English:)

But shifting the terror over to Transnistrian civilians is not an acceptable solution either.”

(END OF TRANSLATION of the 18th #FSBletters from the #WindofChange)

Immediate follow-up 19th #FSBletters from April 29th here:

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