Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia

Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia



It wasn't uncommon that 1d0ls held parties between them and did crazy things to have fun, but it was the first time that Hwx and Jxxng got engaged in one of those stupid ideas. Wxx and Sxn usually were the ones who went unhinged, but at the idea of having an actual new whole

studio, made Jxxng to cave in. The rules were easy, the ones who stayed the most with their tongues touching would be the ones who win whatever they wanted. For Jxxng the first one in his mind to do this was Wxx, as he would accept, but the younger wasn't anywhere to be seen

and the older was stuck only with Hwx. "S3xnghwx, I can't lose this opportunity! I need to change some stuff..." Hwx was a little bit hesitant, it was weird for him to have his mouth latched to Jxxng's one, but if they were best friends it should be ok. "Sure!" Hwx muttered.

Jxxng looked at him smiley. "Hwx, I need your full consent, because I am competitive and this is going to last long. Hwx nodded and stuck out his tongue. Some of the people were amazed and other's were almost fantasising. When the one who had the idea said go, Jxxng claimed into

Hwx's lap and put his own tongue on Hwx's. The older just felt spiralling, Jxxng was close to him, his body was warm, his /tongue/ was soft and warm. He couldn't remember the last time he kissed someone, and being in that situation didn't help it, it didn't help neither that

his little crush on Jxxng was a little more than small. The minutes kept passing and the spit was gathering on their mouths making Hwx just feel more excited. Jxxng on the other side was focused on winning and maybe trying to avoid his feelings for Hwx.

I'm sleepy rn to continue this BUT!!!! Hhe

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