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Dravidian signifies Place, Not Race HINDUS ARE ONE ! Travid : Tra=3 +Vida=Ocean "The land Surrounded by 3 Oceans" ~used first by adiShankara Travid>Dravida>Dramila>Tamiz/TAMIL #Thread Begins

2/n Language Tamil was initiated by महृषि Agastya with the inspiration of भगवान Shiva & Kartikeya (Murugan)

3/n Tamil & Samskrit Evolved at SIMILAR TIME both by Inspiration of भगवान Shiva: 1. ऋषिPanini , inspired by भगवान Shiva, prescribed rules for prexisting Spoken Vedic Lang.-भाषा for Writing purpose & called it संस्कृत 2.Similarly Tamil by ऋषि Agastya

4/n But Pre-existing "Spoken भाषा" had proper Shruti Rules to ensure 100%Transmission of Vedic Knowledge Example- The Language used in Ramayana & Vedas has some variation with Samskrit rules of Panini.

5/n Hindu ऋषि Agastya- who devised beautiful Tamil with the inspiration from Shiva & Murtiyan (Kartikeya) ~ऋषि Agastya's Disciple was ऋषि Tolakappiar. In his 'Tolkappiyam', oldest surviving Tamil Literature praises Kartikeya (Ceyon)

6/n Muruga(ka) Symbolizes Trinity. Mu=Mukundan (Vishnu) Ru=Rudra (Shiva) Ka=Kamalan (Brahma) Other names of Muruga=Shanmukha(6 faces), Skanda (the Warrior attacker), Ceyon, Kartikeya ShivRatri is celebrated as Union of Shiva/Parvati that gave birth to Murugan to Finish तारकासुर।

7/n I End this Thread by Requesting Every Tamil Friend to See This Video Hindus are One ~This Aryan invasion Theory is Divide & Rule.

FAQ1: शुद्ध Hindi is very close to Samskrit with some शब्दरूप & grammar variations South, Opposition of Hindi was a Blessing Otherwise South would have also got loaded with Urdu/Arabic/Persian in the Guise of Hindi Pls Refer 180 Hindi Words below

This Tweet in Tweet for 180 Words in Pure Hindi Shows , How close it is to Samskrit. Invader words have been Filtered out

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