I went from 0 coding experience to landing a job as a developer in 6 months...and spent $0 doing it Here are the topics I focused on and some FREE resources you can use to do the same (warning: 100s of hours of content)

1. GitHub + Text Editor setup GitHub is used to store, track, and collaborate on code Your text editor is where you'll be writing most of your code This video will get your coding environment setup + teach you all the git commands you'll use daily

Getting comfortable using Github is an absolute must You're going to be using it in everything you do, so getting a hang of all the commands early will save you countless hours in the future Set a reminder to push something to GitHub every day until it becomes second nature

2. HTML/CSS - The peanut butter and jelly of making webpages HTML is used to structure your webpage CSS is used to make that structure pretty This video will teach you the basics and walk you through building your 1st webpage - a Youtube clone!

The toughest part about CSS is learning to position things Mastering the flexbox layout module solves this Flexbox froggy is an amazing game that'll get you comfortable with this important skill quickly (plus it's kinda fun!)

3. Javascript - The swiss army knife of web dev JS is still by far the most in-demand coding language in the world Here are a few things it's good for: - High-performance websites - Robust backend servers - Interactive data visualization - Bots to automate tasks

Before diving in and trying to add functionality to your web pages using JS, you'll want to get a feel for the basics Complete these 10 short JS fundamentals courses on freeCodeCamp (Will take a few weeks but 100% worth the time youll save in the future)

Once you've got the fundamentals down, kill two birds with one stone and start working on your own personal portfolio page. You can iterate on this and make it look prettier as you refine your skills. This video is an amazing reference to get started.

4. Learn CRUD Operations by Making a To Do list app CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete It allows you to manipulate data in any of those ways and is one of the most important topics to master in web dev Build this app multiple times

5. APIs - Integrating live data into your apps Now that you can whip together a badass frontend and work with data, its time to get comfortable communicating with databases This video is PACKED with info and will get you set up with your first database

Once you feel like you have a firm grasp on making API requests, go back to the apps that you made when learning HTML/CSS and level them up by adding in data Here's an awesome directory with tons of public APIs you can use for free to do just that

I highly recommend pulling data into all of the web apps on your portfolio page API integration is one of the skills that takes your development to the next level You can also make yourself sound a lot smarter than you really are in interviews by breaking down APIs you've used

7. Learn React React is arguably the most in-demand skill for front-end devs to have Mastering it will take your front-end game to the next level, allowing you to build fast, dynamic, and user-friendly single-page applications

Youll have to build multiple React apps until you start to get the hang of it This 8-hour-long walkthrough of building a social media app using the MERN stack is a great place to start (You'll be using everything mentioned up till this point to build it)

8. Spend a month refining your portfolio page and build a passion project If you dont have a CS degree, youll need to find another way to get your foot in the door and land interviews (its tough) Build something youre proud of and blast it on your resume/linkedin/portfolio page

The stock trading simulator I built as a passion project is what got recruiters interested the most and also gave me tons to talk about during the interview itself Build the app around something you love, the passion will show even more and interviewers tend to like seeing that

9. Practice Data Structure/Algorithm problems Once you land an interview, you're inevitably going to need to solve a couple coding problems on the spot Codewars was huge for me here. It gamifies coding questions and makes the process fun.

To wrap this all up, its important to note that none of this works if you don't put in the time Personally I dedicated 8-12 hours a day for half a year straight before landing a job Its a tough process, but I truly believe anyone can do it with enough time put in

Ironically enough, I quit my job a year later after achieving financial freedom via NFTs If you're interested, I write about them weekly here:

If you want to skip the learning and just need some dev work done...feel free to reach out using the form here: Thanks for reading and feel free to dm me any questions if you ever get stuck!

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