10 valuable newsletters for entrepreneurs in 2022 (all free):

James Clear 3-2-1: The highest wisdom per word of any newsletter. Become 1% better every day. β€’ Mental models and decision frameworks β€’ Lessons from great leaders and high performers

Marketing Examples: The best marketing email on the internet: β€’ 3 short marketing examples β€’ 2 copywriting tips β€’ 1 favorite tweet

Late Checkout: @gregisenberg believes community is the most valuable currency on the internet. Late Checkout is your guide to: β€’ Understanding community & web3 β€’ Building community-based products in 2022

Founder OS: Every week, I share 1 business growth tip from: β€’ Building 3 profitable companies in the last 10 years β€’ Growing a community of 14 million people β€’ Running a portfolio of internet businesses

The Curiosity Chronicle: Follow @SahilBloom's curiosity every week. Deep dives into money, psychology, and business: β€’ The $1 Billion Climate Bounty β€’ Intellectual Sparring Partners β€’ What is Disruptive Innovation?

The Milk Road: 5 min daily newsletter on all things crypto. A masterclass in: β€’ Building trust and affinity β€’ Balancing laughs and facts β€’ Delivering complex info in conversational language

The Saturday Solopreneur @thejustinwelsh is building a portfolio of profitable businesses. Justin shares: β€’ How to tell your story β€’ The keys to building a loyal audience

Through the Noise @thealexbanks's goal is to demystify startups & VC. His newsletter breaks down: β€’ Stories of successful entrepreneurs β€’ Lessons and patterns from winners

The Hustle Business stories you actually want to read. β€’ The lucrative economics of expert witnesses β€’ The family that built a ballpark nachos monopoly β€’ How one of the world’s fastest-growing startups burned through $300m

Morning Brew The latest news from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. They cover business news + deliver quick insights better than anyone else. A daily read for me with my first cup of coffee.

Want to go deeper? I run a (free) Founder Workshop in 4 days. I'll be giving away a $149 growth playbook for free. I'd love to see you there πŸ‘‡

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