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4.3 billion people use Google every day. But 99.9% of them don't know how to search Google properly. Here are 15 tips to use Google more efficiently:

Use quotes When searching for something specific: use quotes. Search: Sun the perineum And the engine will search for content that contains those 3 words in any order. But if you search β€œSun the perineum” it will search for that phrase exactly as you typed it.

Find sites that are similar to other sites Search: related: Will show you all the sites related to Twitter.

Find a specific file Syntax: Wisdom filetype:pdf Will show all pdfs related to 'wisdom'. This can mostly be useful for scholarly purposes, business presentations and other assorted presentations.

Use @ to search social media Add @ in front of a word to search social media. Search: infinitians@twitter Will show all the results for Infinitians from Twitter.

Look for images of specific colour, size, copyright, time or type. If you search for Deadpool and tune your result to the colour orange It will give you images of an orange Deadpool. Yup really.

Compare two or more things using β€œvs” If you want to determine whether living in Bali is better than Dubai Just search: Bali VS Dubai

Spell Those Numbers How do you spell out 6,546,345,645? Google can tell you if you search [number]=english

Play Games in Google Search Google has a host of built-in games like Pac-Man, tic tac toe, Solitaire, Minesweeper, and Snake. Search flip a coin and Google will do it for you; the same thing with a die or spinner.

Create a Google Alert If you want to be notified whenever a keyword is published on the web Create a Google Alert

Use a hyphen to exclude words Using "-" excludes words or phrases from the results. Search: Rocky -film Will show results related to 'rocky' in general but not the film Rocky.

Perform a Reverse Image Search This function allows you to upload an image file and find information on that image. Eg: if you uploaded a picture of the Eiffel Tower Google will recognize it and give you information on the Paris monument.

Add a tilde (~) in front of a word to find synonyms If you search for iPhone ~cheap You will also get results for "iPhone inexpensive," and so forth.

Use Google search to do math Perhaps my go-to feature. Whether it's converting currencies Dividing a big number Or even calculating the square root of 4761 Google has you covered.

Leverage Google Shortcuts β€’ Weather *zip code* – This will show you the weather in the given zip code β€’ Time *place* – This will display the time in whatever place you type in. β€’ Define: *word* – This will display the definition of a word. β€’ Sunrise/Sunset *city*

Use an asterisk in place of words you do not know. If you forget things and words easily, * will come to your rescue. Search: imagine all * for today And google will give you John Lenon on a silver platter.

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