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#atsuosa monsterfucking for @miyacestober, cw // NSFW, tentacle monster!atsumu, sounding "I'm bored," Atsumu complains. Osamu ignores him, trying to focus on his work. Work that Atsumu doesn't have, because Atsumu didn't fail their last exam. A tentacle caresses Osamu's thigh.

It's over the fabric of Osamu's sweatpants, relatively innocent, but Osamu grits his teeth and glares at his twin anyway. "Keep your slimy appendages away from me," Osamu hisses. "That's not what you said last night," Atsumu says cheekily. "I'm just trying to encourage you."

Osamu scoffs. "You think I'm gonna let you fuck me after this? Like hell. M'taking a nap once I finish." The tentacle on his thigh slithers up higher to rub up against Osamu's cock. His traitorous dick, in a pavlovian response to Atsumu's tentacles, twitches.

"You sure about that?" Atsumu asks smugly. Osamu puts his head in his hands despairingly. This assignment is so stupid, he's physically incapable of turning off his tentacle kink, and the tentacle monster disguised as his twin brother is insufferable. He feels like screaming.

"Fine," Osamu relents. "Help me finish this assignment, and then we can fuck." Making a noise of delight, Atsumu drops into the chair next to Osamu and immediately steals the paper to read it over. Atsumu's gleeful expression is soon wiped from his face.

"Why is the remedial work harder than the test?" Atsumu asks, confused. "Sensei hates me," Osamu says mournfully. "That's the only explanation as to why there's a question about Mars on an /Earth/ Science worksheet." "Damn, I guess she really does," Atsumu murmurs.

There's a long moment of silence as Atsumu tries to work out the short answer questions in his head. Osamu occupies his time by playing with one of the tentacles extending from Atsumu's back, idly twirling it between his fingers and feeling it reflexively wriggle in his hold.

"Okay," Atsumu begins, setting the paper back down. "I'll help you, but we're gonna make a game of it." Atsumu's grin is sharp, and there's already one tentacle slithering under Osamu's shirt. He really shouldn't, but-- "What's the game?" Osamu asks.

"I'll give you hints, and for every correct answer, you get one of my tentacles in your slutty little ass," Atsumu declares. Osamu feels heat rise to his cheeks. He likes the sound of that, degradation and all. "And if I get it wrong?" Osamu asks.

"That's for me to know, and you to find out," Atsumu says lowly, and Osamu is a little embarrassed that it goes straight to his cock. "...Alright, I'll play your game," Osamu relents. "I knew you would." Atsumu smirks, then makes him stand and strip so they can get started.

It's a little awkward, sitting at his desk totally naked, but then Osamu is thoroughly distracted by the heat of Atsumu's body at his back and the occasional brush of a tentacle against his bare skin. Atsumu is surprisingly helpful with his hints.

Maybe he's feeling generous, or maybe he wants to be inside Osamu just as much as Osamu wants his tentacles inside of him. The first question is about the geological processes behind plateaus, and Osamu only needs a little help from Atsumu before he scribbles out an answer.

Atsumu reads his chicken scratch and hums approvingly. "Good boy," Atsumu purrs. "Spread your legs for me, won't you?" Osamu immediately obeys, opening his thighs as wide as he can to allow the single trailing tentacle access to his hole.

He sucks in a sharp breath as the tentacle plays with his rim for a moment before slipping inside by several inches at once. Mouth dropping open at the abrupt stretch, Osamu moans softly. "Don't get distracted, now," Atsumu teases as his tentacle squirms inside Osamu's ass.

Osamu huffs but blinks and tries to focus on the next question. But, like his cock, it's significantly harder. Osamu is conscious of the way precome is beading at the head of his cock, and the question is asking something about braided streams.

Though Osamu has no idea what a braided stream is, Atsumu is whispering into his ear, trying to guide him to the right answer. It isn't clicking, though, and Osamu begins getting frustrated. Still being gently fucked by a single tentacle, he scrapes together an answer.

It could make vague sense, maybe, and that's enough for Osamu's horny brain. It's not enough for Atsumu, though. "Hmm, wrong," Atsumu declares after reading what Osamu wrote. The tentacle inside of him stills and Osamu feels like a bucket of water's been dumped over his head.

"W-what's my punishment?" Osamu asks. Several tentacles loop themselves around Osamu's thighs and stomach, securing him to his chair so that he can only move his arms. A thin tentacle snakes its way towards Osamu's cock and the boy sighs as it rubs wetly against the head.

"Instead of in your ass," Atsumu begins, the tentacle playing with Osamu's cockhead smearing his precome into his skin, "you're gonna take one of my tentacles inside your cock." "In-?!" Osamu gasps, feeling just the tip of the tentacle dip into his slit.

It'll probably be strange, Osamu's never tried anything like this before, but when he eventually nods his assent, Atsumu slowly pushes the tentacle into his slit. It feels entirely foreign, but not... bad. Osamu feels full in a way he's never experienced, but it doesn't hurt.

Mercifully, Atsumu doesn't move the tentacle around after inserting it into Osamu's cock, just letting it sit. "Three more questions, 'Samu," Atsumu says, redirecting Osamu's attention to his schoolwork. "M'sure you can handle it."

Osamu does his best to bring his focus back to the task at hand, but he just feels so /full/ that it's hard to read the question. It's... something about... the angle of repose? Did Osamu ever even learn about that? Atsumu takes a little pity on him, quietly guiding him.

Suddenly recalling a particular day of class, Osamu is struck with the correct answer. He sits up straight, intent on writing it down before he forgets again, but the motion causes both of the tentacles inside of him to shift.

The tentacle in his ass brushes up against his prostate, and the tentacle inside his cock is pushed in a little deeper. Osamu whines, a confused pleasure overtaking him. "C'mon, I know you know the answer," Atsumu says gently, bringing Osamu back down.

"Y-yeah, I do," Osamu stutters, focusing on bringing his hand up to write down the answer. It takes a couple tries, and he breaks the lead of his mechanical pencil twice, but eventually he has an answer written down.

"That's right," Atsumu confirms, and suddenly there's a second tentacle being thrust into Osamu's hole. It doesn't just sit there, either--both tentacles begin fucking his ass at a steady pace. Osamu's glad that their Ma isn't home, because he's moaning much too loudly.

Osamu can't do anything against the onslaught other than shift against the tentacles holding him fast in his desk chair and clench his fists. There's heat rapidly building in his gut, and it's then that Osamu realizes the true consequence of getting the previous question wrong.

Osamu can't come. Not with the way Atsumu's tentacle is plugging up his slit. He physically cannot ejaculate, and, somehow... The idea is /insanely/ hot. Suddenly, the strange full feeling inside his cock is less intrusive and more... possessive.

Atsumu is forcing Osamu's body to do as he wills, and, right now, he doesn't want Osamu to come. Osamu breaks out in goosebumps, feeling wholly owned by the monster that calls him "brother". Curiously, Atsumu pushes the tentacle in Osamu's cock a little deeper.

Breathlessly, Osamu groans and closes his eyes against the strange new pleasure consuming him. "Ah-ah, you still got two questions left," Atsumu reminds Osamu, poking him with his human hand. Osamu whines, pouts, and then opens his eyes and scrawls a completely random answer.

He didn't even /read/ the fourth question, just wanting to get more of the addicting feeling of Atsumu's tentacles on him, /in/ him. No matter where they were inside him. Atsumu snorts. "Oh, so you like it, then? When I fill up your cock with tentacles?"

Before Osamu can make a smartass reply, a second, slim tentacle plunges into his slit. The abrupt stretch steals his breath away, and he curls in on himself as much as the tentacles binding him in place allow. It's overwhelming, but /good/. "'Tsumu, I'm close," Osamu confesses.

His voice is mortifyingly shaky, but holy fuck, he wants to come. But that choice isn't really up to him. "Hm, but you're being a brat... Not even playing the game correctly," Atsumu says, considering. "Please, let me come," Osamu begs plainly.

"How 'bout this?" Atsumu proposes. "There's just one question left, baby. If you get it right, I'll let you come right now. If you get it wrong, I get to fuck you and then /maybe/ I'll let you come afterwards." Osamu nods. "Y-yeah, okay."

"It's your lucky day, because this last one is multiple choice," Atsumu announces, looking over Osamu's shoulder. The tentacles in Osamu's ass brush against his prostate, making him whimper. "Read it to me?" he asks, panting. "Alright, pillow princess. Here's what it says:

"On Mars, sand dune migration occurs at a much different rate than Earth. One cause for this is that the sand on Mars is composed of much denser rock than most of the sand on Earth. Another cause is that the value for g, the acceleration due to gravity, is different on Mars.

"Which of these factors contributes more greatly to the different rate of dune migration?" [let's help osamu out! what's the right (or wrong) answer? vote in this poll to decide the ending to this thread! good luck xoxo]

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