Sasi | Data Analytics Consultant

Sasi | Data Analytics Consultant



How do data analysts actually deal with missing values? We follow an approach called RCA Understand RCA and your data cleaning process will improve by 5 times πŸ‘‡

Datasets in real life always come with a lot of missing values There are a number of options to deal with missing values But which is the most efficient way? The answer is with your client or stakeholder

But they do not know it Why? Because they do not understand the business impact of each method That’s where Data consultants come into the picture

Some of the methods dealing with missing values include 1)Replace with mode (or any central tendency measure) 2)Replace with Zero (Depends on context) 3)Deleting all the rows Each of these methods or choices comes with a trade-off

So we assess the business impact each approach will cause Each business impact will have a risk associated with it So we compare the risk involved in each approach This is Risk Comparative Analysis Then we report it to the client then they decide the best approach

What can a Data Newbie learn from this? Understand that every method has a different business consequence Using RCA in your portfolio project will REALLY IMPRESS the recruiter Mentioning you used RCA in your project will definitely raise eyebrows

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