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My new #crypto followers, most people will charge you $1,000+ for an investing course/mentorship or paid group. Not me. I'm creating an army of millionaires for free. The techniques I used to earn millions and reach financial freedom ðŸ‘‡ðŸ―

1) How to get started with Technical Analysis basics, a non sponsored @tradingview tutorial:

2) When to buy? Trend reversals, moving averages and support/resistance guide:

3) Moving averages - trend spotting and trend reversals cheatsheet

4) My bear market portfolio and strategy

5) The importance of keeping track of new coins and narratives to find winners like $MATIC, $SOL, $EGLD, $LUNA.

6) Moving averages part 2: Use MAs to identify key levels of support/resistance to print millions. Sample high winrate setups I have used over the years

7) Part 2 on how to find potentially life changing opportunities by getting into high quality #crypto projects early ðŸ‘‡ðŸ―

8) Two high win rate moving average patterns you have to master

9) How to use DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) (repost)

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