#sakuatsu nsfw | FoxTsumu x PantherOmi #hqomegaverseweek2022 @HQomegaverse Day 03: Hybrids | Knotting A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky. It was followed by deafening claps of thunder that left Atsumu flinching, ears flattened, grip on his alpha's hoodie knuckle white

Huddled together by their fireplace on a dark, stormy afternoon, Sakusa pushed his reading glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose, and flipped through the next page of his book. It was getting interesting.

Pausing only when another loud rumble of thunder had the omega curled in his lap trembling, head nuzzling into his abdomen to find some form of comfort, Sakusa huffed fondly, tail flicking to entwine with Atsumu's bushy one.

Atsumu had always been afraid of thunderstorms since they first met. The heavy downpour dampened his cheerful liveliness and the roaring thunder often left him quaking, taking shelter in their nest consisting of comforters, blankets and  Sakusa's clothes piled together.

Washing away the excited scampering of paws whenever Atsumu shifted to his fox form on bright sunny days to bask in the sun, the bleak thunderstorm on this particular day made Atsumu scared and visibly upset.

They had planned to spend their day off from practice to a nearby park for a picnic. Plans ruined, it ultimately led to Atsumu curling into a quivering ball when the rain only came down stronger, with no signs of letting up. It didn't have to stay that way.

Determined to coax Atsumu into a better mood and distract him from the heavy rain pelting against their windows, Sakusa shut the hardcover of his book after making a small note where he'd stopped, and removed his glasses.

Resting a hand on Atsumu's head, he ruffled soft blonde tufts, inhaling the sweet scent of peaches coming from his omega, and smiled softly when the fox hybrid relaxed instantaneously, melting into purrs of content.  He smelt so sweet, it was delectable-

the alpha found himself salivating, teeth itching to bite, mark and claim. Ah. Sakusa hadn't realized how close Atsumu was to his heat. Smelling sweeter and riper than usual, the panther hybrid had been wondering why the omega was more restless and clingy than usual.

Rubbing one of Atsumu's twitching ears for good fun, Sakusa snickered when the fox hybrid's whimper morphed into a soft, breathy moan.  "Sweetheart?" Atsumu hummed, peeking up from where he remained in a curled ball.

"Would you like me to cuddle you?" Sakusa murmured lovingly, cupping his omega's cheek.  Excited chitters filled the room. Huffing in amusement when the fox hybrid straightened up with his arms outstretched, pleased at the attention he was getting from his alpha,

Sakusa tugged Atsumu into his chest, and ran large palms down the small of his back.  Pressing kisses to where his teeth had sunk into scent glands by Atsumu's nape, marking them for life,

the panther hybrid ignored when his omega started to tremble in his hold for other reasons entirely, undulating his hips, grinding down on Sakusa's lap.  The enticing scent of slick wafted through the air.

Being the ever indulgent mate who wanted to distract Atsumu from another series of booming thunder, Sakusa ridded them of their clothes, groaning when Atsumu clambered back onto his lap immediately, thighs parted, cock dribbling against his belly. Cute.

“Wanna ride you, Omi," Atsumu mumbled, gaze heavy, fixated intently on the thick, imposing length of Sakusa's cock.   The panther hybrid growled in approval, resting his palms on Atsumu's hips.

Guiding the fox hybrid who was dripping hot, honeyed slick down his girth, Sakusa groaned when the head of his cock caught the wet rim, slipping into dripping walls with little to no resistance. They clenched down greedily on every inch that sank into Atsumu.

Sakusa groaned lowly, tail wrapping around Atsumu's wrist, watching how his omega fell apart on his cock- back arching, toned muscles from years of volleyball training flexing, hazel eyes a molten gold, rolling to the back of his head.

The panther hybrid was well pleased, and he wasn't afraid to show it. Thrusting his hips up until his pelvic bone kissed Atsumu's toned ass, Sakusa grunted when he felt the beginnings of a knot forming by the base of his cock.

“So good for me, love," Sakusa murmured, grip on the fox hybrid's hips tightening. Teeth scraped against his shoulder in response and claws ran down his upper back, but nothing compared to the resounding keen that rang louder than the thunder outside their apartment,

and the full body shudder that raked through the Atsumu, who lifted his hips and dropped down, bouncing on Sakusa's cock as he chased after his pleasure with ears tucked back.

"Omi," Atsumu slurred, canting his hips, whining at how Sakusa's knot was swelling steadily with every thrust, "Knot. Want ya knot, alpha.” Who was Sakusa to say no to his mate?

Taking in the sight of his omega squirming on his cock, cumming untouched with a cry, body convulsing, the panther hybrid was satisfied knowing that Atsumu had found his pleasure.

He knew better than anyone though, that the fox hybrid was only truly satisfied, once he was filled with cum, knotted and bred.  True to his words, broken pleas that only stirred the fire raging in Sakusa's veins, emitted from parted lips.

"Inside, inside, inside," Atsumu panted, imploring with wet lashes, matted hair sticking to where perspiration beaded his forehead, “Knot, Omi, p..please-” Sakusa groaned. His omega was the epitome of beauty. Sheer perfection.

Fondness and adoration for the fox hybrid blanketed him momentarily, before arousal and the desire to mark what was his, clouded his rationality. Atsumu looked so pretty- cock filling up again, whimpering, hips stuttering.

“I'll always give you anything you ask for, Tsumu. Everything," Sakusa promised gravelly, dragging his omega's hips close with a possessive growl, "Cum on my knot, sweetheart. Squirt on my cock. I'll breed you full of pups, love."

Knot working its way fully into the tight channel enveloping him, Atsumu's second orgasm rendered him breathless, air ripped from his heaving chest. A scream of Sakusa's name dying in his throat, clear liquid spurted between their abdomens.

"Good boy," Sakusa groaned, pumping his omega full of his seed, relishing in how Atsumu milked his cock obediently.  Teeth sinking into tan flesh until they drew blood, Sakusa grunted when Atsumu did the same,

tongue lapping at blood from the bond mark he'd left on Sakusa a year ago during their first coupling.

"Omi," Atsumu whispered, tail swishing behind him.  Sakusa hummed, pressing chaste kisses while they remained knotted.  "... It stopped raining."

Staring at his omega who was positively beaming, Sakusa couldn't help the tender smile tugging on his lips. Looks like the distraction worked well, alright.

If anything, it couldn't go any better when Atsumu insisted on dragging the panther hybrid into their nest, tumbling into soft sheets, presenting his gaping hole where cum and fresh slick from their coupling, dribbled down his inner thighs enticingly.

"Fancy another round, alpha?" Atsumu, the little vixen, purred. Who was Sakusa to say no?

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