i’d like to think if Namjoon was a vampire he’d correct all the historical inaccuracies and misinformation throughout time …meanwhile vampire Jin is the one making up rumours through time just for funsies

its even funnier if you think about them being married and in the year 4069 theyre laying in bed and Jins listening to namjoon rant about how inaccurate the time period between 2020-2022 is and he’s cursing out the asshole who changed history ..while the ‘asshole’ is next to him

nj: *sobbing, angry mumbling* Jin: whatcha doinnnnn nj: who tf was responsible for saying that Shakespeare wrote “hi my name is ebony dark'ness dementia raven way and I have long ebony black hair-“

nj: what do you mean people think you need to offer diamonds to get rid of vampires Jin: *unclasping the 4 carat diamond chain off his neck* Jin: pshtt this misinformation is insane jin: *pocketing the matching diamond earrings* Jin: who would do such an awful thing!

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