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'Leaky gut is the least talk about topic in Mainstream medicine, totally ignored by Mainstream Nutrition. Yet a lot of diseases Originates from the guts, 70-80% of your immune system is in the guts Don't ignore this post start care of your guts. Its a LIFESAVER

Most of those pimples, eczema, dry rough skin, and other skin problem that has refused to go No matter the Cream. It can be caused by leaky and inflamed guts that obstructs the absorption of vital nutrients necessary for healthy skin Fix your guts, fix your skin.

Inflammation of your digestive tracts restricts the optimum absorption of key macro and micronutrients. Leaky guts also means intestinal contents is leaked into the hepatic portal vein and carried to the liver The liver will always try to clear the toxins neglecting

Its other metabolic function, which can lead to the toxins being dump on the skin causing Skin issues. You can treat it with -light cardio, -20/4 IF -Avoiding wheat, soy, and derivatives -Drinking carrot/ Cucumber Infused water -Avoiding processed foods

-Eating more fermented foods, kefir, yogurts(unsweetened), pickles, sauerkrauts no Cheese -Avoiding Milk -Cooking with Good salts(sea salts, pink Himalayan salts). -Avoiding Unnecessary creams. -Sugar is very bad for your skin health, avoid it. -Fasting 24- 48hr every week.

Make sure to wash your pillow and Beddings regularly. Some of you have very bad bedroom Hygiene. All this should help, even cheaper than a lot of creams. Make of these posts what you want. Just make sure you Retweet for others. Thanks for reading.

some of you even think we don't have food in Nigeria. I used to think so too, until I decided to be more creative and do some research. There are up to 50+ different Healthy Nigerian meal combinations for your optimal health find out here:

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