marie but feral

marie but feral



what about.. atsumu , 26 and a model, who is known for hookups and partying. maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but he doesn't care either way, because every night he comes home to his boyfriend, kiyoomi, 35 and a ceo, who likes to watch atsumu touch himself and beg for his cock. +

Kiyoomi likes it best when Atsumu comes home in half of his outfit, his black tights and smudged liner that he only wants to ruin it more. He makes Atsumu leave the tights on, watches him touch his pretty cock through them, and gets his dick out when Atsumu rubs at his hole. +

"Please, Omi?" Atsumu whines, and Kiyoomi loves itβ€”is cock jerks when Atsumu spreads his legs wider for him. "C'mon, daddy." "Fuck," Kiyoomi grunts, rutting against Atsumu's tights. He ignores the smirk on Atsumu's face. He's playing dirty tonight.

But Kiyoomi isn't one to fold so easily, even if Atsumu is covered in sweat and glitter and his pretty lipgloss covered mouth looks so fuckable. "Daddyβ€”" Kiyoomi slaps his thigh. Hard. And Atsumu gasps, his back arching. Kiyoomi loves him. "Be quiet until I fuck you."

Atsumu pouts, and Kiyoomi pushes at his thighs until Atsumu gets the hint and holds his legs, spreading himself wider and giving Kiyoomi enough room to reach under and slap his ass. Atsumu bites his lip and stares at Kiyoomi who can't take his eyes off of him. +

He does it again and Atsumu squeaks. Kiyoomi can feel his ass squeeze around nothing from where his cock ruts against his tights. He squeezes Atsumu's ass hard enough that it must burn. But of course Atsumu moans, trying to roll his hips against Kiyoomi's dick.

Kiyoomi slides his hands back up to squeeze at Atsumu's thighs, and then he looks down and spits onto Atsumu's hole. Atsumu murmurs a quiet "fuck" and Kiyoomi drags his cock through it, fucking the wet tights and getting off on the friction of it against Atsumu's hole.

"Omi," Atsumu whimpers, quiet and maybe not on purpose, but Kiyoomi steal slaps his thigh. Atsumu trembles, and there's only so much the both of them can take.

Kiyoomi reaches down and rips Atsumu's tights, giving him just enough room to spit on Atsumu's hole again and shove two fingers inside. Atsumu's breath hitches as he chokes and throws his head back, crying like he didn't already open himself up before he got home. +

Kiyoomi fucks into him before he's ready for it and they both still as they try not to cum. Atsumu fails, his pathetic cock jumping on his pretty, shimmery stomach, leaking into his naval and Kiyoomi bites his lip to keep himself from cleaning it up with his tongue +

He fucks Atsumu hard and fast, only taking and not caring that Atsumu's whining from oversensitivity because they both know he likes it. When he cums, he pushes in so deep that Atsumu's eyes roll back. He drools and Kiyoomi gives in;he leans down and licks into his pretty mouth

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