ash 🍃🐈‍⬛ bokuro obsessed

ash 🍃🐈‍⬛ bokuro obsessed



nsfw #miyacestober2022 #atsuosa miya 4 | cw omegaverse / breeding / mpreg | alpha atsumu x omega osamu Day 10 - Audience Rintaro who has no interest in getting pregnant and Kiyoomi who has always wanted to see the twins fuck.

Osamu has always been vocal about wanting a big family and since Rintaro is an omega, they'd have to bring in an alpha to fulfill Osamu's needs. Bokuto, Kiyoomi, and Ushijima were all top picks, but... Osamu wasn't exactly jumping for any of them.

Atsumu though... Rintaro knew the twins had /something/ going on in high school, but he never said anything. Osamu was a good, devoted omega mate to him and they both ignored the people who said an o/o relationship was destined to fail.

Fast forward past the realization that Osamu wanted to carry his twins pups, the conversations on if they were 100% sure about this, then asking Atsumu and Kiyoomi if they wanted to partake...

And Rintaro had a first row seat next to Kiyoomi as they watched Atsumu slide his huge alpha cock into his twin's soaking pussy. Osamu was looking back at his mate as Atsumu rocked into him from behind, his grey eyes cloudy with pleasure and lust.

Rintaro couldn't help immediately touching himself, Kiyoomi was already stroking his hard cock. Atsumu's grip was tight on Osamu as he slammed hard and fast into his brother, he must've missed getting to fuck him whenever he wanted.

Osamu's moans were so beautiful too, telling his alpha to go harder, to stuff full with his knot, to get him pregnant now. It was like watching the depths of his filthiest fantasies come true, maybe they could have done this sooner if

the twins weren't pretending that they definitely hadn't fucked. Now there was so much slick dripping down Osamu's thighs, the wet sounds of Atsumu fucking him so good, the promise that Osamu would be a momma after this...

"Rin..." Osamu reached out to hold his hand, fuck he was so happy and euphoric. "Adorable..." Atsumu remarked just as their fingers laced and he drove deeper into the omega. This whole weekend was going to be unforgettable. //end

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