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🖤 K00 🖤WRITING 🐇🪄



A #taekookau ♡ LET YOU LOVE ME Tae and Jungkook were best friends since they were kids.. Tae was the son of Jungkook’s maid and safe to say the younger had been bewitched with the pretty male from the beginning.. The elder boy was no better.. #taekook

So a promise was made.. "We will only marry eachother.." The parents were delighted and endeared at the same time.. Jungkook's mother always gushed about Tae from the day she saw him anyway . So it was no wonder when the silly little promise became a reality one day..

Tae's heart pounded in his ears as his eyes met his husband's through the mirror.. "We might be married.." the other says, voice void of any emotions.. "But we will never be a family.." His eyes turn darker as he steps upto taehyung and slowly unzip his dress..

And with the next set of words a tear faced Tae wonders where his little baby bunny is and who he married.. Cus this.. was not jungkook.. This was not /his/ jungkookie "You might have my last name.." Jungkook smirks coldly.. "But you will never be my husband."

[This will be utter chaos and pure frustration.. :) ]

Taehyung grips the dress whirling around, uncaring about the tears that were smudging the delicate make up.on his face.. "Is that so?" He hisses.. "Then why the fuck did you marry me? Why? You promised me you would marry me for this?"

Jungkook laughs.. "you answered your own question Kim.." he snorts. "I made a promise and so I kept it.. I never break promises.." Taehyung stomps his foot.. "Is my life a joke to you?" He yells.. Jungkook scoffs.. "Its not?"

Jungkook's mother is on the edge of her seat.. The poor woman just wanted to eat her breakfast.. Then why the fuck does she have to put up with the fucking sexual frustration between the two idiots.. Or atleast that was what she thinks..

What she doesn't know is that, it's not that her son and her son-in-law are not undressing eachother with their eyes, rather, planning their husband's demise somehow.. So she takes the first chance she can to bolt out of her seat..

"Oh my god I think I have diarrhoea.. I need the washroom.." she fake cries.. And she is gone.. Leaving the two males on the table.. One glares at the plate while the other starts to stab at the peice of sausage on his plate with a pout on his face..

Jungkook's face twists as he listens to the continous stabbing.. "Stop it.." he trowls his nose flaring.. Silence.. Jungkook blinks before looking up and the second their eyes lock, the stabbing starts again.. Even more noisier.. "Cut it out!"

"Who are you to order me around?" Taehyung demands furiously. "Your fucking husband.." Taehyung makes a face.. he slams the fork down making air quotes with his fingers..

"You might have my surname but you will never be my /husband/.." Jungkook's mouth hangs open. Taehyung smirks.. Tete 1 Pompous cockroach 0


"OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!" Taehyung squeaks hugging the towel to his body, water drops running down his body as he crossed his legs to gether, face horrified at the arrival of a pompous cockroach into the room, unannounced. Jungkook tilts his head..

"This is my room too?" Taegyung blushed furiously.. "But I told you im going to take a bath!!" Jungkook scoffs.. "you never told me? When did you?" "When you were in the living room watching the game.." "Oh? You were talking to me? I thought you were talking to bammie.."

Taehying sputters.. "Why you fucking asshole.." he growls.. Jungkook snorts stepping forward towards Taehyung making him back up, gripping onto his towel for dear life.. "W-where do you think you are going?" He stuttered as the other continued to corner him..

Jungkook's face lost any emotions as he took steady steps towards the other, whi took a step back to every step Jungkook took making him crash into the vanity table, hands shooting back to steady himself.. His breath laboured when jungkook stopped right infront of him..

Eyes dark on him making him weak in his knees.. he digs his nails into the hard wood table freaking inside when Jungkook’s face got impossibly closer.. He squeezed his eyes shut afraid that the other was going to kiss him..

He waits but nothing happens for awhile and his eyes shoot open when he hears keys jiggling.. The fucking keys.. He stares at jungkook with wide eyes, faces a breath away, as a smirk paint on Jungkook’s pink lips..

"You dropped your towel honey bunch.." the low voice makes shivers run down Taehyung’s spine.. It takes a second for him to realise what the other said.. And his eyes comically widens even more looking down, and sure enough his towel is pooled around his feet..

FUCK. he scrambles to pick it upto cover his naked body and by the time he is fully covered Jungkook is already out the door shutting the door behind him..

"I HATE YOU!!" He screams.. Jungkook pauses outside the door before laughing out loud, evilly.. Jungkookie 1 Coffee grinch 1


Taehyung's been practically shooting out steam from his ears ever since his dear husband decided to make him embraced in the worst way possible.. He still couldn't get the smug look on Jungkook's face as he told him his towel was dropped..

He's been trying to get back at Jungkook ever since but the latter would always find a way around it.. He had put whipping cream on his palm when he was asleep thinking he would ruin his face cus the first thing jungkook does after waking up is rubbing his face..

But that dog.. That damned bam /had/ to come and lick all the whipped cream out of his hand, spotless clean before jungkook had woken up that day.. Then he had tried mixing salt into Jungkook’s usual diet-coke but

the man had rushed off to work being late for a meeting opting to go without the coke.. Why did life hate him so much? He sat on the couch with a pout on his lips as he played with a candy wrapper in his hand, the toffee in his mouth..

Ah.. the toffee was too sweet.. why would jungkook always buy too sweet things? Why does he have to have such a sweet tooth? He wondered.. Wait. Jungkook has a sweet tooth.. "Oh you fucking fool.." Taehyung berated himself springing up from the couch..

Jungkook groaned as he sat down in his home office.. he came home an hour ago and was glad that he hadn't seen that insufferable brat anywhere in the house until he got to their shared bedroom and saw him sleeping..

He had stared at him for a second finding the latter cute although he would die than admitting that to anyone else.. He rubbed at his eyes tiredly, office was hectic today but he still had to get some work done before dinner.. He was going to open the laptop when he froze..

Oh? Had his mother come in when he wasn't home? This was such a nice surprise.. He smiled like a kid seeing the chocolates on the table.. Oh he loved his mother.. Kinder-joys.. His favourite..

He took one and unwrapped it before giggling at the egg like structure.. Oh he was such a kid for these sweet things. He shook his head before putting the chocolate in his mouth and bit into it.. Chewing off half of the chocolate , closing his eyes as he savoured the /flavor/.

He almost moaned in ecstacy at the taste of the chocolate. Almost, being the key word. He froze as the disgusting taste hit the taste pallet of his mouth.. His eyes fling open to look at the half bitten chocolate in his hand..

But what he saw made him spit out the mouthful out in a pure horror.. It wasn't a fucking kinder-joy.. It was a fucking chocolate covered abomination.. A half-boiled egg..

He gagged as he sprang up from his office chair and dashed downstairs to the kitchen opening the fridge and pulling out the iced water to rinse off his mouth.. Gagging out everything he ate of the chocolate and the little snack he took in the office..

He breathed hard as he stared at the rest of the vomit inducing FAKE chocolate in his hand, in pure rage.. That.. That fucking reincarnation of a witch! "KIM FUCKING TAEHYUNG!!!!"

And up in their shared bedroom a certain blonde haired male covered himself head to toe with the comforter after having locked the door of the room, giggling adorably.. "Serves you right, you nightmare of a rabbit!" Tete 2 Terror White rat 1


Taehyung sighs for the nth time pulling his dress down a little.. They were at one of Jungkook's Corparation's cocktail parties.. When Jungkook tldhim to dress up he thought that they were going to a party with all the company staff, but what he didn't expect was Celebrities

and politicians to be there. Well he /was/ dressed to the occassion but if one might ask him, he was being overconsious of his figure while a tight body fit, in the middle of all these grogeous people.. Especially those models that kept coming to Jungkook to talk with him..

The only person he knew here was Jimin, Jungkook's cusin who had wondered off to the bathroom, and he was left alone, cus Jungkook was talking to some politicians.. And Taehyung was starting to get uncomfortable with all the eyes on him, some old creeps were staring at him..

He wanted to bolt out of here, and he was also pissed with jungkook, cus the younger hadn't bothered to even glance at him to see whether he was okay.. That moron.. He huffed pulling his dress down yes again when a waiter appeared infront of him, holding some fruit tarts..

Taehyung smiled at the man.. "Oh thank you!" he smiled.. The man was an angel.. atleast he'll be ale to enjoy some sweets.. "Is this strawberry syrup?" he asked pointed to the slightly red dressing.. The waiter was about to turn around and leave but paused..

he stared at Taehyung for awhile before nodding.. "Yes sir, That is strwberry syrup.." he muttered giving him a slight smile, before turning arund in his heels and leaving.. Taehyung looked at the waiter confusedly.. Why did he practically run?

He pouted , his eyesbrows furrowed before humming and looking around as he brought one small tart upto his lips.. He almost froze when his eye's met Jungkook's eyes.. Oh look who finally decided to give him some attention, Tae rolled his eyes popping the tart into his mouth..

But by the time he saw the way Jungkook deviously was smirking, tongue playing with the lip ring, it was too late.. The Hot sauce had already started it's work..

Tears sprang into his gradually widening eyes as he started cough, spitting out the chewed bot sauce glazed fruit tart into a tissue, before chugging the Champagne he had in hand to cool his tongue down..

The mother fucker. Oh he was dead. He glared murderously at Jungkook, tears dripping down his face.. "Taehyungie? What's wrong?" Jimin decided to arrive at the exact moment but he was too late cus Taehyung was already rushing away towards the bathroom..

"What happened here?" He murmured to himself with a quiute huff, turning in a circle and froze facing his cousin.. The shit eating grin on Jungkook's face was enough for him to understand everything.. He shook his head closing his eyes.. Oh Taehyung, that poor boy..

Jungkook hummed as he watched Taehyung run away into the bathrooms.. "You started a prank war with the wrong enemy honey bunch.." he grinned.. "You've known me your entire life, you should have known.." Jungkookie 2 Maleficient the second mooncalf 2


Taehyung whines as he scrubs his tongue with a wet towel trying to the the spiciness out .. "Jungkook you fucking idiot.." he sniffled.. "You know I can;t eat spice at all! why would you!" he kept stomping his feet.. It hurt really bad.. his whole mouth was burning..

HIs only focus was to get the burning pain out, and he wasn't paying attention to anything else.. It is not a surprise when he jolts feeling a hand on his shoulder.. He whirls around eyes wide.. Oh Sehun. Prime Minister Oh's son. He took a few steps back.. "Yes?"

The man chuckled shaking his head.. "Hi! Taehyung right? Jungkook's husband?" He muttered with a smile, walking closer.. "I just came in and you seemed to be in pain.. Just wanted to check.." Taehyung swallowed, the spiciness starting to turn into a bitterness..

Oh Sehun was a womanizer, sleeping with random women, changing partners like he changes his clothes, scandal after scandal, and red lights were blarring in Taehyung's brain.. "A-ah yes.." He stuttered walking back.. "I just ate something spicy, i c-can't really eat spice.."

"Oh I see.." the man grins.. "But your looks red even more now.. Very kissable.." "What?!" Taehyung's eyes widened.. Sehun laughs.. "What? I just said the truth, you look pretty with your lips all red and swollen, and eyes all teared up. "

Taehyung stumbled back.. "Please stop coming any closer.." Sehun smirks.. "Oh baby please don't pretend that you don't want this.. I know Jeon doesn't give you what you want.." he says hand coming up to touch Taehyung's face, griping his chin..

The grip was harsh and Taestruggled to get put of the bruising hold.. "L-Let go of me! please!" The other laughs coldly.. "Oh you are begging already.." Sehun snorts bringing their faces closer. "Don't worry you 'll be begging more a little for an entire different reason.."

Jungkook was talking to one of his executives when his phone rang.. He looked upto see that it was Taehyung's number.. He looked around with a frown on his face..

he had looked for Taehyung about ten minutes ago but seeing both him and Jimin nowhere he just thought that they went out together.. He shrugged not seeing him still.. Why was he calling him? "Hello? Taehyung?"

"It's Jimin! Not Taehyung!" Jungkook's spine straightened when he heard Jimin's paniced voice.. "Jimin? What are you doing with Taehyung's phone? Where is he?" "jungkookie.. please.. Please come.." Jimin sniffled.. "What? What happened?"

"Jungkook please! Taehyung is cryig and I don't know why! He just keeps crying!" "What?" Jungkook's blood ran cold as he immediately sprang up from his seat. "Where are you?" "Garden.." Jimin sniffled. And Jungkook didn't bother replying as he dashed towards the garden.

He could see Taehyung's body shaking as he sat under a tree on a bench, while Jimin tried to control his own tears trying to calm the man down.. What the fuck happened?

"Jungkook!" Jimin sighed in relief when he saw his cousin.. "I caught him running away, look! there are bruises all over!" Jungkook froze, eyes hardening, and true to Jimin's words Taehyung's tanned skin was already turning purple in some places..

He could feel his own skin turning cold, skin pricking as rage shot all over trough his nerves. He slowly stalked closer to Taehyung.. the male hadn't lifted his for a second to look at Jungkook, he was just crying his heart out..

And the more he heard Taehyung's cry, the more he wanted to drive a knife into someone.. He slowly placed two fingers under Taehyung's chin, gently tilting Taehyung's trembling face up..

And Jimin was sure that Jungkook would shoot someone dad, cus he had never seen his cousin /that/ angry.. Jungkook sneered silently. "Look at me." he bit out at Taehyung.. and when he met those teary, pained eyes, he saw red..

Taehyung's face was harshly bruised.. Who fucking dared to touch him? Jungkook's fury was visible to bare eyes.. "Who.." he breathed, his rage very poorly controlled, dripping in his cold voice. "Who did this to you?"

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