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SakuMiya // miyacest, NSFW, overstim Osamu and Kiyoomi can't remember their glasses for shit so Atsumu is the designated menu reader. Osamu only got glasses in college after years of squinting at blackboards. Kiyoomi on the other hand has worn glasses since the ripe age of 11.+

Neither of them Could be bothered to wear their glasses though. Osamu said it's because he hated how they fogged up when he cooked ("If I really needed them in the kitchen then my cooking would be worse" "Samu that makes no fuckin sense") Kiyoomi hated anything touching his face+

for too long So he opted for contacts more often than not. But half the time he didn't wear them ("eye-touching is gross, no matter how clean I am" "omi that ALSO makes no fuckin sense") At this point, Atsumu was pretty much beyond trying to get them to wear their glasses+

(or contacts) in Any way. He really should've expected this. He should've BEYOND expected it. "Hey, sugar, what's no12?" Osamu said sweetly, resting a hand on Atsumu’s hip. "How about no8?" Kiyoomi asked on his other side. Atsumu smiled and read out the menu items anyways. "Yall+

really need to Wear y’alls glasses more. 'Sides Omi, didn't ya put in yer contacts this mornin?" Kiyoomi hummed "Yeah but they were giving me issues. What about no.19?" Atsumu rolled his eyes and continued to list off food options as they were requested. While Atsumu was busy+

talking food Osamu and Kiyoomi shared a look over his head. A soft smile that screamed adoration. It wasn't long before the three had made their decision and ordered. Lunch went by easily. Good food with good company made the time fly. "Gotta take a leak" Atsumu excused himself+

less than gracefully. "There's a few shops 'round here, wanna take a look?" Osamu asked "Windo or wallet shopping?" Kiyoomi’s question was answer enough. He looked around the shops surrounding them and pointed to one "Do you think Atsumu would find something in there?" Osamu+

smiled and placed a kiss on Kiyoomis hand "He can find somethin anywhere" Atsumu returned and the three were off. Atsumu INSISTED that they only window shop but neither of his boyfriends could help themselves from pulling out their wallets when they saw his face light up at+

whatever had caught his eye in the store. By the time they were on their way home, Atsumus hands were full. A smoothie in one hand and a cookie in the other, sharing each with Osamu and Kiyoomi. They had each loaded themselves with bag after bag of whatever had caught Atsumu’s+

eye, leaving no hands for snacks. Atsumu drove home, his reasoning being that he was the only one with semi-decent eyesight, much to the dismay of his lovers. "Sugar ya speed like a motherfucker" Osamu said "Not to mention the curb-clipping," Kiyoomi said next "and the sharp+

turns" Osamu continued. Atsumu huffed but didn't relinquish his spot in the driver's seat. Kiyoomi sighed as he crawled into the passenger side and Osamu found his way into the back seat. "Yer turn is comin up" Osamu said, bracing himself. "Next street," Kiyoomi said when Atsumu+

tried turning into a one-way. "How do yall know?" Atsumu asked, "Because the sign said one-way?" Kiyoomi said confused. Atsumu huffed at his answer "iT's On ThE sIgN" he mocked. "Not what I said and not how I talk" Kiyoomi shot back at Atsumus sass. "HERE" Osamu yelled pointing+

to the street they were meant to turn down. Atsumu gripped the wheel and yanked it sending them flying down the road and sending Kiyoomi and Osamu into the doors. "PULL OVER" Atsumu did as they not so lightly requested. "GET OUT. I'M DRIVING" Atsumu hopped out, letting Kiyoomi+

take his spot and climbing into the back with Osamu. The rest of the drive went smoothly. Apart from Atsumu having a look of realization pass across his face before he crossed his arms and slouched in his seat. Osamu had a feeling that didn't mean anything good. He was right.+

As soon as Kiyoomi had parked Atsumu was up and out of the car again and was making his way up to their home. Atsumu was sat at the kitchen table with his arms crossed once more. Kiyoomi and Osamu set the bags on the floor and joined Atsumu at the table, Kiyoomi next to him and+

Osamu across from them. "When were yall gonna tell me?" Atsumu asked "Eventually" Kiyoomi told him. He was met with an exasperated look. "Are ya mad at us?" Osamu asked "I'm not mad! I'm just annoyed!" They looked at Atsumu to continue "I feel stupid! Yall could read shit just+

fine and didn't tell me! Yall didn't need help! Yall just let me look dumb!" Atsumu was at a loss for words. "Why did yall keep askin me to read fer yall?" Kiyoomi and Osamu shared a look again "Cuz yer cute" Osamu said "VERY cute" Kiyoomi doubled down. Atsumu sputtered hearing+

their answer. They kept going back and forth."Your voice gets all soft and sweet when you read for us""Ya sound like ya couldn't be more than happy to help us""I couldn't live without hearing your voice""I don't get to hear yer voice all day. I miss hearin ya." Atsumu got redder+

as they kept going. "Are you still upset with us?" Kiyoomi lifted Atsumu’s chin to make eye contact. Atsumus voice was uncharacteristically small as he muttered "maybe" his voice softened even more as he spoke, "Are the glasses gone fer good?" Osamu and Kiyoomi looked at each+

other confused "I’m wearin contacts" Osamu said "I never took mine out" Kiyoomi told him. A thought struck Osamu "Do ya like the glasses?" Atsumu turned away again "yeah" he mumbled. Kiyoomi shared a look of realization with Osamu "Sorry love, I couldn't hear that" Kiyoomi+

cracked a smile. Atsumu looked more embarrassed than annoyed now. "Yeah! I like the glasses!" He huffed and crossed his arm again. Osamu made his way across the table, he and Kiyoomi both crowding in. Atsumu had no choice but to look at either one of them. Kiyoomi turned Atsumus+

head to look at him once again. Osamu had an arm slung around Atsumu’s shoulders and start to place kisses on Atsumu’s neck where Kiyoomi had exposed it."What is it about the glasses?" Kiyoomi asked. Atsumu whimpered instead of giving an answer when Osamu nipped at his neck. "We+

need an answer sugar, why do ya like the glasses?" Osamu asked as well. "I-i don't know" Atsumu stuttered out."Oh, you don't?" Kiyoomi placed a hand on Atsumu's thigh. Osamu carded his fingers through Atsumus hair before pulling his head back "I think yer lyin again baby" Atsumu+

whined "yall'er hot!" He got out. "Not new," Osamu said "Not exclusive to glasses" Kiyoomi added. Atsumu whined as they kept running their hands and lips over his body, gripping and kissing him as they asked him over and over. "Yall look older! An- and- I don't know! Just-"+

Atsumu gasped as kiyoomi nipped at him "hot!" He finally finished. Atsumu didn't get an answer before Osamu was pulling him to his feet and pulled him into a proper kiss. Atsumu was preoccupied and didn't notice Kiyoomi standing up before he picked him up and tossed him over his+

shoulder. Atsumu squared at the rough handling. He tried to wiggle only to get a sharp slap to his ass. Osamu followed closely with a smirk as Kiyoomi carried Atsumu to their bedroom. He walked straight to the bathroom while Atsumu was dropped on the bed. Kiyoomi quickly covered+

Atsumu pulling him into a deep kiss and touching whatever he could get his hands on, dragging soft noises from him. Osamu returned soon enough, contacts replaced by his glasses, shirt discarded somewhere. Kiyoomi pulled back, hearing Osamu enter. Atsumu didn't have time to react+

to the change before Osamu had taken Kiyoomi’s place above him. Osamu had started in on stripping Atsumu of his clothes, getting him down to his underwear and socks. Osamu ducked his head down, nipping at the skin and soothing the pain with sweet kisses as he worked his way+

from Atsumus ankles to his thighs. Atsumu’s legs were littered with red marks but couldn't seem to scold his twins when he was so caught up staring at Osamu. The way his glasses had slipped down his nose a bit as he worshipped atsumu. He pushed his glasses up before returning to+

groping Atsumu. Kiyoomi returned in record time. Contacts swapped for glasses and missing his top, just the same as Osamu."Look at you," Kiyoomi said in amazement. Atsumu already looked ready to melt, just from some groping and kisses. He noticed how not once did Atsumu take his+

eyes off of Osamu's face. He only looked away when Kiyoomi spoke, even then his eyes barely flickered overfishing torso before returning to Kiyoomis face. Kiyoomi retrieved to lube from the side table and joined the twins on the bed. Atsumu kept turning his head, not knowing who+

to look at, wanting to keep his eyes on both of them the whole time. Before Osamu and Kiyoomi would take their glasses off before getting intimate, but that would have to change if this was how Atsumu was when they wore them. Kiyoomi kneeled on the bed by Atsumu's head, bulge+

obvious in his pants. While Atsumu had his attention turned away Osamu pulled off Atsumu's underwear, revealing soft smooth skin. Osamu flipped Atsumu over on all fours easily, exposing himself so beautifully. Osamu wasted no time in popping open the bottle of lube, bringing+

slick fingers to Atsumu’s hole. Atsumu whimpered and looked behind him, watching as Osamu focused on pushing his fingers into his brother. Atsumu's attention was pulled away again when he felt Kiyoomi’s cock hit his cheek. While Atsumu was busy looking at Osamu Kiyoomi had+

unzipped his pants and his underwear down just far enough to pull his cock out. Atsumu looked from his cock to his face, blushing hard as he opened his mouth easily, inviting Kiyoomi into him. Kiyoomi took hold of Atsumus hair without hand and used the other to guide his dick to+

his waiting mouth. Kiyoomi groaned as he felt the soft wet heat of Atsumu’s mouth around him. Atsumu let himself he pushed and pulled from Kiyoomis cock, savoring the feeling of his mouth being filled. Gagging when his cockhead hit the back of his throat. Atsumu jerked forward+

with a cry as Osamu crooked his fingers in him. Atsumu had been so lost in Kiyoomi that he had nearly forgotten about the fingers stretching him open diligently. Osamu had been sweet about it, stretching him gently. One finger at a time, slick as they went in. The squelch of+

excess lube nearly hidden by the sound of Atsumu starting to choke on Kiyoomi’s cock. Atsumu was losing himself quickly. Osamu behind him, fingers speeding up, making a point to brush his prostate with every thrust. Kiyoomi above him, gripping his hair tight and forcing his cock+

down Atsumu’s throat, staring at him over his wire rimmed glasses. Condescending coos and saccharine lines leave Atsumu dripping in humiliation. "Oh baby boy, you're so sweet for us. Feel so good around my cock," Kiyoomi said above him, drawing a whimper at the name. "Some+

glasses and yer ready to melt. Said we looked older." Osamu leaned down to lick a line up the back of his neck "Is that what yer wantin? Someone older to take care of ya? Let ya know how much of a slut ya are?" Atsumu whined around Kiyoomi’s cock. Osamu was right, he had wanted+

that. "We'll take care of you" Kiyoomi pulled Atsumu down harshly, burying the boys nose in his pubes. Atsumu convulsed around him, coughing and teary when he was pulled off. "Fuck that was hot" Osamu couldn't agree more. He'd had just about enough of fingering Atsumu, he'd been+

nice for too long, craving the feeling of Atsumu around him. "I'm gonna fuck ya dizzy whore," Osamu said positioning his cock at Atsumus entrance. Atsumu whined and wiggled trying to flip himself over, not quite successful with how both of his lovers were holding him tight.+

"Wan-wanna see y-ya" Atsumu got out. Osamu smirked and flipped Atsumu harshly. Slamming him back down on the bed hard enough for Atsumus back to bounce back off the mattress. Osamu wasted no more time pushing into Atsumu smoothly, not giving him any time to adjust before he+

started thrusting. Atsumu moans jagged as he was fucked harshly. Kiyoomi had given Osamu the time he need to start fucking his twin but wasn't about to be forgotten. Atsumu was focused on Osamu's face, trying to watch the way Osamu looked over the top of his glasses through his+

tears. The blurry image of his brother pushing his glasses up again as he fucked into him. Kiyoomi took them both by surprise, pulling Atsumu up and pushing him to hold onto Osmau's shoulders, sandwiching the boy between them. Osamu had slowed his movements so Kiyoomi could get+

behind Atsumu, even if only barely. Atsumu felt fingers at his hole once more, sliding in next to Osamu's cock, stretching him farther. All thoughts flying out of his mind as he was filled more and more. Somewhere between Osamu's cock and two of Kiyoomi’s fingers Atsumu had been+

pushed to orgasm. Vision whiting out as his hole clenched around them, cumming hard over his and Osamu's stomach and chests. Osamu groaned at the posing heat around him and dragged Atsumu into a sloppy kiss. Atsumu too out of it for much reciprocation. But that didn't matter as+

Osamu moved his kisses down to suck marks into his neck. Atsumu jerked in their arms as Kiyoomi kept thrusting more fingers in. His own rhythm different from Osamu, keeping Atsumu in a constant loop of pleasure, unable to properly come down from his orgasm. Pleasure mixing with+

pain in the overstimulation. "If yer gonna fuck 'im with me hurry up 'n do it" Osamu growled to Kiyoomi, losing his patience. Kiyoomi opted to pull Osamu into a harsh kiss instead of an answer. His hands going down to Atsumu’s ass, positioning his cock to his hole. Osamu groaned+

and bit his lip as he felt Kiyoomi’s cock slide in next to his own. Atsumu spilling a constant stream of unintelligible babble, trying to turn his head enough to see his boyfriends kissing beside him. Kiyoomi’s soft thrusting contrasting Osamu’s harsh movements sent Atsumu over+

the edge again. The clenching interrupting the couple inside him. "Fuck Tsumu, such a slut. Cummin on our cocks so good," Osamu said with a groan. His rhythm becoming uneven as he neared his own edge. Kiyoomis sped up his own thrusting, pace matching Osamu’s as best as he could.+

The feeling of his cock pressed against Osamu inside of Atsumu sent his brain into overdrive. Kiyoomi pulled atsumu head to the side, delivering another crushing kiss and he felt himself grow sloppy. Osamu and Kiyoomis thrusts two kinds of uneven were driving Atsumu mad. Atsumu+

craved the feel of them stuffing him with cum so badly. Luckily he wouldn't have to wait long. Osamu came undone first, a harsh bite to Atsumu’s shoulder as his cock twitched next to Kiyoomis, flooding Atsumu's hole with cum. Kiyoomi followed not long after, cumming with a groan+

as he felt Osamu's release sliding down his cock. Atsumu came again somewhere between the two, his third orgasm sending him into the clouds. By the time Atsumu resurfaced their breathing had evened out as the three of them laid together, still connected. Atsumu whimpered as he+

felt Kiyoomi and Osamu's cocks slipping out as they softened, cum leaking out with them. Kiyoomi pulled atsumu leg up, giving Osamu better access to scoop their mixed cum off of Atsumu's thighs. Osamu brought his fingers up to Atsumu’s mouth, lovingly feeding him their cum.+

Eventually, they had become sticky and uncomfortable, Atsumu groaning as Osamu pulled away from them to start a shower. Kiyoomi gently brought Atsumu’s leg down. He moved slowly, helping atsumu readjust to a normal position after spending so long all but folded in half. The heat+

of the shower helps relax them all. Afterward, Atsumu was bundled up in Osamu's sweatpants, waistband rolled so they almost fit him, and Kiyoomis loose shirt. "All that cuz of our glasses?" Osamu asked as he went searching in the fridge for a few drinks. Atsumu groaned and+

dropped his head to Kiyoomis chest "please shut up" Atsumu groaned. He felt Kiyoomis chuckle under his cheek as Osamu came up behind Atsumu to hug the both of them. "Never" // FIN

Welcome to my first threadfic! I saw that one ship dynamic going around and made it horny lol enjoy!

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