Jordan F┃Stock Trader

Jordan F┃Stock Trader



I turned $2,781 into $10,000 in 30 days And I'm showing you exactly how I did it:🧵 (full strategy breakdown)

I first want to say that this isn't my typical strategy I have 3 different swing/day trading strategies I use So let's dive into how I did it👇

The plan for this account was to scalp options within minutes I didn't want to hold onto a trade longer than 5-10 minutes Pure scalping options

For this strategy, I only used levels. No indicators, no trendlines, no algos Simply horizontal levels and volume Let me show you how I drew my levels:

Drawing these levels consisted of simply looking at stocks with big gaps overnight You just draw the level from where the close was It's just gaps

Here's $SPY I started the levels from the gaps that were created It's pretty simple to identify

Next, I'll go and draw levels from the bottom of big gap up days Here's $SPY as an example: (look at where the lines start)

I'll do the same for the opposite side. Look for big gap-down candles that have a continuation Draw the level from the top of the candle like these:

These levels are classic support/resistance levels They are institutional levels that act as supply/demand areas Here's how I trade them👇

I simply wait for the price to form a demand/supply zone at a level. Then I take the breakout I'm trading supply/demand zones as they are being formed Rather than buying/selling the pullback into them Let's see an example👇

Here's $TSLA on the daily chart You can see the huge gap where I got my level from

Price consolidated right under the level Demand was being formed Once price broke above, that would be the entry

You can see price eventually came back to demand and bounced from it I could have taken this as a scalp as well

So how do I actually play these options? I look at weekly options, ATM or slightly OTM

I'd focus on taking quick 10-30% scalps. The key reason for my success was my ability to take profit A quick 20% gain in minutes and I'd be out But what stocks did I play?👇

I played all the stocks that had liquid options and that were active for the day I have a scanner I used as well, but that's for a later time

I risked about 5% of my account per trade I only had about 2 red days the whole month I won't say luck wasn't involved... But I will say it was only possible because I used a proven strategy and had risk management As well as the DISCIPLINE to stick to that strategy/risk plan

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